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Submitted by Casa di Sassi on Wed, 06/02/2021 - 3:21pm
Exceeding Industry Standards

When customers invest in materials for their home or business, they want to know they’re buying a solid product. But without a contract or government regulation that defines production quality standards, some manufacturers cut corners just to make a sale. 

At Casa di Sassi, industry standards are our minimum. We not only follow ASTM International manufacturing standards – we exceed them. Stone veneer products should last, and we make sure ours will. Does your manufacturer meet ASTM standards? If not, come see the difference with Casa di Sassi. 

What is ASTM?

ASTM International, formerly the American Society for Testing & Materials, is an organization dedicated to positively impacting consumer confidence. It partners with 30,000 experts in varying industries (manufacturing, government, academics, service, etc.) from more than 140 countries around the globe to develop and update consensus standards that innovate services and improve lives. In other words, ASTM helps our world work better. 

ASTM members worldwide join committees (and several subcommittees) which focus on standards for different designations such as Dimension Stone or Lime and Limestone. Subcommittees drill down to additional standards for testing, mounting and more. When you purchase products from organizations that follow these ASTM standards, you can be confident in the material and craftsmanship for years to come. 

Casa di Sassi Exceeds Standards

ASTM helps ensure that only quality materials and proven processes are used to produce stone veneer and other building materials. Casa di Sassi not only meets ASTM standards, we exceed them. 

For example, most of our products have to meet the ASTM standard of 2,300 psi (pounds per square inch). This means that the stone veneer must be able to support at least 2,300 pounds of pressure per square inch of material. Casa di Sassi products reach 7,000 psi – more than triple the standard our competitors aim for! Why? We’re not in business to create industry standard products – we aim to create incredible stone veneers that we know will last 25, 35, 45 or more years. 

Our Stones

Take a closer look at a few of our stone products that exceed these standards:

Country Rubble

These irregularly shaped stones are designed to fit well and create a rugged appearance. Each stone is hand-picked for both size and depth of texture to give a truly unique appearance. We offer the Country Rubble profile in three colors.


The historically classic appearance of Volterra consists of stones hewed in rectangular shapes with unique bed face textures and ruggedness. This stone’s heights enable ease of installation and coursing. Like Country Rubble, the Volterra profile is available in three colors.

Kwik Stack

This modular-shaped panel stone called Kwik Stack delivers a dry-stack look with the appeal of natural edges. The panels come in 4” heights and random lengths, and each piece is made of many smaller, hand-picked stones. Choose from three profile colors.

Casa Di Sassi

Want to know more about how we exceed industry standards for stonework companies? Contact Casa Di Sassi today.