Collection Spotlight: Kwik Stack

Submitted by Casa di Sassi on Mon, 11/11/2019 - 9:00am
Carbone Kwik Stack Stone Veneer

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, durable manufactured stone can completely transform the look of your home. As one of our most popular product lines, Kwik Stack is a great selection for almost any project.

What is Kwik Stack?

Kwik Stack is a modular, stacked stone veneer. While each stone piece has a 4-inch height, the individual stones have random lengths to create a more varied appearance. The small stones that are handpicked to create each modular panel help create a dry-stack look with natural edges.

Kwik Stack is currently available in three profile colors, including the subdued grays of Carbone, and the earthy brown tones of Matera. A third profile color, the white-hued Niveo, was introduced in Spring 2019.

Potential Uses

This durable manufactured stone option is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Previous projects by our customers include stone fireplace surrounds, accent walls, and coverings for exterior foundations and posts. No matter where you plan to use it, Kwik Stack offers a tasteful, natural look.

Alternative Stacked Stone Veneer Options

If you’re not quite sold on Kwik Stack, but are interested in something similar, our EZ Ledge line could be a great alternative. Easy to install heights and lengths give this ledgestone a symmetrical look, and it is available in five different profile colors to better fit your tastes.

Whether you prefer the distinguished look of Kwik Stack or one of our other stacked stone veneer selections, we are confident that our products will provide the looks and durability you need for your next project.