How to Select a Non-combustible Mantel

Submitted by Casa di Sassi on Tue, 03/03/2020 - 10:01am
Casa di Sassi - Mantel Installation

Few things complete the look of your stone fireplace like a mantel. The right mantel can help define the style of the room while also enhancing the fireplace’s design. Here are a few things you should consider to pick the right mantel for your needs.

Ensure That the Mantel is Non-Combustible

Fire safety is of the utmost importance when designing your stone fireplace surround, and this means you need a mantel that is non-combustible. However, you can’t assume a mantel is non-combustible just because it is made with stone or concrete. If the mantel doesn’t specifically say that it is non-combustible, you should contact the manufacturer to ensure you don’t make an installation that isn't fire code compliant.

Get a Wood Look — Without Wood

If you want to get a natural wood look without needing to worry about fire codes, consider choosing the rustic and aged look of our Barn Beam mantel or the natural grain and clean lines of our Wood Grain mantel. With straightforward installation and upscale design, they give you a worry free imitation wood look.

Extensions & Brackets

If desired, you can extend the length of your mantel with our optional mantel extensions. These extensions add two to four feet to the mantel’s length, and come with brackets to hide the seams. For a more cohesive look, it is best to purchase two extensions at once (one and two-foot extensions are available for our Barn Beam and Wood Grain mantels). Mounting brackets are also available to give your mantel the traditional look of being supported by wood beams.

Whether you prefer the look of our wood grain, barn beam, or stone mantels, you can have confidence that you’ll get a high-quality piece to match your stone fireplace surround. Order your preferred mantel today so you can complete the look of your home!