Casa di Sassi home exterior

Matching Your Style with Our Wide Variety of Stones

Matching Your Style with Our Wide Variety of Stones

Submitted by Casa di Sassi on Sat, 06/29/2019 - 9:00am
Casa di Sassi hom exterior

When building a new home or planning an extensive renovation project, finding materials that match your desired style is of extreme importance. With so many different types of manufactured stone, Casa di Sassi products make it easy to find a look that will fit your needs.

Distinctive Product Lines

At Casa di Sassi, we offer 11 distinctive product lines, each of which is inspired by natural stone from around the world. For example, our Ledgestone products feature the stunning character found in natural Tennessee ledgestone. Contrasting heights and depths with a rough-hewn surface give each ledgestone installation a one of a kind look.

Similarly, the country rubble rock used for our Country Rubble collection is hand-picked so that each irregularly-shaped stone fits together to create a distinctive old world appearance. Other manufacturers stone profiles, such as granite and brick, cultivate a more modern look.

Add Variety With Color Options

Though each of our manufactured stone product lines is distinct, we offer further customization within each line with varied color options. For example, our Limestone products are available in both Imperia and Salerno color schemes, while five different color options are available for our EZ Ledge line.

These distinct varieties allow you to better match other design elements or create a compelling contrast when installing your stone veneer.

Creating Your Desired Look

Whether you are planning an exterior facade or an indoor fireplace, our distinctive European style stone ensures that you won’t be without options. Whether you’re trying to create a rustic or modern feel, working on a commercial project or your “dream house,” our natural stone will help you create the desired look.