Project Showcase: Bathroom

Project Showcase: Bathroom

Project Showcase: Bathroom

Submitted by Casa di Sassi on Wed, 08/21/2019 - 9:00am

While manufactured stone can provide a stylish accent wall in almost any part of the house, one of the more unique ways to use it is in a bathroom or master suite. Here’s a closer look at why you might consider adding a stone veneer during your bathroom renovations.

A Spa-Like Transformation

A stone veneer accent wall could be just what you need to transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious spa. Manufactured stone can be installed around the vanity area, or as a surround for a garden-style tub. Though it isn’t a good match for a shower enclosure, the waterproofing elements of our durable manufactured stone ensures that it will stand up well to the humid conditions and incidental water exposure that occur in the bathroom. You could even add an accent wall behind the toilet!

A Wide Selection

As with any other design selection, manufactured stone is hardly a one-size-fits-all product. That’s why we offer 11 distinctive product lines, allowing you to choose the stone veneer style that best matches your preferences. Each of these popular stone styles is available in multiple profile colors so you can find the selection that will best complement the rest of your bathroom design.

Parting Thoughts

Of course, the bathroom is far from the only place where our popular stone styles can make an impact. You can and add stone veneer anywhere inside or outside a home or business to create a unique, distinguished look.