Rock Décor Products Available Online

Submitted by Casa di Sassi on Sat, 10/17/2020 - 2:11pm
Casa di Sassi

While Casa di Sassi’s primary focus is stone veneers, we are also proud to offer Rock Décor products through our online store. These fantastic stone items are the perfect addition to your home, and are built with the same quality craftsmanship you would expect from any Casa di Sassi product.

Barn Beam Mantel

For many, gathering around a cozy fireplace is a big part of the winter season. With the holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to upgrade your fireplace mantel. The Rock Décor Barn Beam Mantel evokes a classic farm or ranch style ambiance with a rough, ridged finish. Though it looks like wood, this sturdy stone mantel is a great fireproof addition to your home.

Address Blocks

Stone address blocks are the perfect complement to a stone veneer on your home exterior. These address blocks are customizable with the text of your choice. You can also choose from four different fonts to further personalize this exterior home feature.

Large and Small Pet Bowls

You won't have to worry about pets pushing around their food bowl and spilling food everywhere with Rock Décor’s pet bowls. The sturdy concrete base helps them stand up to daily use. The bowls can also be customized with engraved text — perfect for fitting in the name of your furry friend. Memorial options are also available.

These Rock Décor products are a great match for our manufactured stone veneers. Place an order online today and see for yourself how they can transform your home.