Accent pieces take your stone project to the next level. Our keystone, trim stone and watertable stone accents come available in a versatile range of colors to match our stone veneer profiles. From archways, window sills and more, work these accents into your design for attractive architectural elements and function.

Polish off your stone archways with a keystone piece at the top. The keystone is usually the last stone placed and gives the arch stability. Choose from five different colors including: Cream, Fumo, Mezzo, Sage, or Terra.

Achieve a uniform edge with natural-looking appearance when you accent stone veneer profiles with trim stone. These stones are versatile enough to work around doorways, windows, fireplaces and more. There are five different color options available: Cream, Fumo, Mezzo, Sage, and Terra.

Our watertable stone accents enhance water runoff above exterior stone wainscot and around window sills. They also provide beautiful transitions between different materials. Select one of our five color options to match or contrast against your window sills.