2021 News - How We Have Doubled Our Capacity

Submitted by FSM on Wed, 11/17/2021 - 2:38pm

Like many manufacturers in the building industry, Casa di Sassi has experienced increased demand since mid-2020. We knew we had to make a few key changes to better serve our customers. See how our team doubled capacity by increasing space, mold production, and pours.

Increased Facility Space

High demand has kept our shelves nearly empty for two years. As soon as the molds come off the line and the stone cures, it ships out to fill existing orders. To make better use of the space and help meet the demand, we’ve converted warehouse space into additional production space. Currently, we are developing 20 acres and are in the process of laying out the property to maximize the design. The anticipated groundbreaking is scheduled for the second quarter of 2022!

This expansion will help us get back to being an inventory-based manufacturer with products on the shelf. Ultimately, our goal is to house enough products to deliver on time or within two weeks of each order.

Partner with Casa di Sassi

We deeply believe in being a great partner to our customers. It’s why we’ve expanded facilities, invested in machinery and maximized our production. All of these changes and improvements equip Casa di Sassi with a much better ability to meet – and exceed – product demand.

To learn more about these changes, contact our team today.