Building with Stone Veneer Materials from Casa di Sassi

As a contractor or professional stone installer, part of your job is to help homeowners make good choices. That often means showing them how to buy stone veneer without regret by choosing a reputable and reliably professional stone veneer manufacturer.

Casa di Sassi is proud of the relationships we’ve developed with skilled tradespeople who know all the ins and outs of installing stone veneer for the best long-term outcome. We know there are a lot of stone building materials out there for you to choose from, so we take your recommendation of Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer as a serious compliment.

To help you explain to clients your reasons for choosing building materials from us, we’ve put together this primer for contractors, remodelers and other professionals who are designing and building with stone in mind.

You’ll find a long list of benefits our products deliver alongside the lowdown on our commitment to quality, integrity and honesty as a U.S.-based manufacturer. We also included a brief stone veneer installation guide that can help homeowners understand the process while steering less experienced installers toward best practices.


It can be tough to convince a homeowner to go with Casa di Sassi when there are so many cheaper products on big-box store shelves that seem similar. Here’s a breakdown of the many benefits of purchasing top-quality stone veneer from Casa di Sassi — so you’ll never again be at a loss for words to defend your professional recommendations!


First off, choosing materials from Casa di Sassi makes sense because they’re easy to find just about anywhere in the U.S. You and your clients will quickly figure out where to buy our products, thanks to our nationwide network of reliable distributors. Of course, you can order all our stone veneers online, but these brick-and-mortar retailers offer the opportunity for homeowners to see and feel our products in person — which can be the perfect way to address their concerns and get them comfortable with moving forward on the project.


Got a client who wants to represent Italian architecture with stone building materials in their American split-level? Looking for cost-effective ways to update the dated look of an older home? Trying to balance competing desires from a couple who want both traditional and contemporary elements in their home? We know that every project is different, and every homeowner has their own aesthetic sensibility. That’s why our artisans work hard at developing a selection of stone veneer profiles that dovetail with a wide array of style and design preferences. From the timeless look of Brick to the rugged texture of Country Rubble to the mid century symmetry of Kwik Stack to the cleanly contemporary lines of Yorkshire, there’s a Casa di Sassi profile for everyone.


Every stone installation has its challenges. Whether you’re dealing with weird angles in a century home or trying to add character to new construction, stone veneer accessories level up your project with versatility and accommodation. Our selections of wall caps, utility covers, keystones, fireplace mantels and other accessories are all made with the same commitment to top quality and beautiful design as our manufactured stone veneer profiles. They help you deliver the seamless, professional stone installation your clients expect and deserve.


Want a cost-effective way to help your client increase a home’s curb appeal for a higher listing price? Not sure how to landscape with manufactured stone veneer on top of structural building stone materials? Uncertain about choosing materials to create a luxurious spa effect in a client’s master suite?

Installing stone veneer from Casa di Sassi is the best answer to all these questions — and more! Our high-quality stone veneers are appropriate for both interior and exterior projects, so long as you follow all NCMA manufactured stone veneer installation guidelines for waterproofing and other best practices.


Vertical projects that would be impossible with natural stone or brick become real possibilities when you choose lightweight materials like stone veneer. You’d never agree to covering a client’s kitchen island with actual bricks or installing natural river stones around an electric fireplace in a homeowner’s ensuite. Those “real” stone building materials weigh a ton — making them incredibly expensive to transport and prohibitively difficult to work with.

However, when you educate your clients on where you can install stone veneer with much greater ease and an impressively lower price tag, you become the stone installation hero who’s making their reno dreams come true!


Speaking of making dreams a reality: Many homeowners know that building with stone is out of reach for their budget, even though the look and feel of natural stones is their first choice. You can come to their emotional rescue once again by explaining the manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage — aka the way choosing materials from Casa di Sassi with an authentic stone appearance can stretch their dollars further than they had imagined! Furthermore, any hesitations they may have about the ecological cost of building with stone materials that are man-made instead of “natural” can be quickly assuaged with a discussion of the minimal environmental impact of stone veneer versus destructive quarrying procedures.


Everyone knows that stone and brick are durable building materials — just ask those three little pigs! But how can your clients trust that their Casa di Sassi manufactured veneer stone installation will be just as reliable for the long haul? Simply point them to our 50-year warranty that guarantees against blistering, peeling, flaking, delaminating and cracking. And if they’re planning to sell their home in the near future? Our warranty is fully transferable to the next owner. Now that’s some serious professional stone peace of mind.


It’s vital to impress upon your clients the huge benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers to get the seamless results they crave. But between us, our products are incredibly user-friendly for anyone familiar with natural stone installations. Because your crew already knows how to prep the many types of surfaces appropriate for installing stone veneer, and they’re well-versed in the complicated measuring and grouting techniques involved, they’ll sail through the process with our lightweight and easy-to-handle products. That translates to a smoother project that stays under budget and on timeline — delivering a win-win for you and your clients.


As a general contractor, mason or professional stone distributor, you probably don’t need us to tell you how to install stone veneer in or around a client’s home. We respect your expertise and the confidence you have in choosing materials from Casa di Sassi to elevate a project’s look and feel.

To help fill in any gaps in your crew’s knowledge and offer tips for making every stone installation go more smoothly, we put together a brief manufactured stone veneer installation guide for professionals. It covers:

  • Talking points to support hiring professionals for stone veneer installations
  • Quick tips for avoiding problems in interior and exterior applications
  • Pointers for achieving perfect grout lines with less mess and waste


Building with stone veneer from Casa di Sassi adds value, beauty and convenience to every job. We’re committed to helping you impress your clients by installing stone veneer quickly and cleanly in spaces they never thought possible. Contact us today to become a trusted Casa di Sassi distributor or learn more about our top-quality manufactured stone veneers.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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