Differences Between Stone Masonry and Stone Veneer Installation

stone veener installation vs stone masonry

What is a Stone Veneer Installation? 

In addition to its obvious aesthetic appeal, there are many benefits to building with stone. It is a naturally sturdy material with a unique and timeless appearance and has been a favorite construction industry resource. However, despite its various advantages, there are factors that can make natural stone not that best-suited building material for a project. For example, due to its significant weight, it is not always possible to utilize stone to achieve the look and configuration you want.

Thankfully, in many cases, a stone veneer installation can accomplish what natural stone has lacked. Continue reading to learn more about the finer points of stone masonry and manufactured stone veneer and when each material is most appropriate. 

Types of Stonework in Construction

Generally, construction utilizes two different types of stonework: synthetic/manufactured stone veneer or natural stone masonry. There are advantages and disadvantages for both kinds of stonework. These become apparent when discussing specific types of jobs. Please keep reading to learn about stone masonry and stone veneer installation and how they can best fill your construction needs.

Stone Masonry 

Masonry work is an older construction practice using natural stone to build various structures. The stones required for stone masonry are naturally occurring and must be quarried or collected. After gathering, they need to be reshaped, refined, and retooled by the mason to ensure they fit with the project’s specifics. They must also be strong enough to handle the loads of various construction projects. Due to all this effort and the natural limitations of the material, natural stone can also be costly to use for home exteriors and other construction projects.

Manufactured Stone Veneer

In appearance, manufactured stone veneer is very similar to natural stone used by masonry contractors. However, apart from aesthetics, there are significant differences. Stone veneers do not occur naturally, so they must be manufactured. Whereas naturally occurring stone is very heavy, stone veneer has a much lighter weight which makes it versatile choice for stone project installations. Finally, because they can be produced to mimic the look of natural stone without the need for quarrying, refitting and other factors, stone veneer is a significantly less costly building material.

Uses of Stone Masonry and Manufactured Stone Veneer. 

Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry is traditionally what most homeowners think of when considering whether to use stone for their project, and it is an excellent choice for specific projects. Stonework is ideal for installing an exterior pathway, building support structures, or anything required to withstand heavy weights repeatedly. It is also a popular choice for fireplaces and home exteriors.

Manufactured Stone Veneers

Stone veneer installation shines when it comes to aesthetic purposes. When you want to make a structure or part of a structure look built out of stone, a manufactured stone veneer offers all the natural charm of actual stonework at a fraction of the weight or cost. Some of the most frequently used applications of manufactured stone veneers are for home exteriors, fireplace surrounds, accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, and more. For non-load-bearing applications, manufactured stone installations are the ideal solution for your home’s aesthetic needs. 

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