Environmental Impact of Stone Veneer

Whether you realize it or not, recycling has become just another regular routine in our daily lives. The activities we once had to think about are now habits we seem to do automatically. For example, separating glass, cardboard, and plastic from trash is an ordinary task, and not the strange chore it was years ago.

People today are simply more aware of the environment, and have a greater interest in preserving it. The little things we do at home, such as recycling, and reusing, all make a big difference. More homeowners are also choosing green or eco-friendly products to use in their homes. And when they remodel, they’re choosing environmentally friendly building products.

A recent online survey showed that over 60% of respondents preferred brands committed to environmental protection. The home construction and building material industries recognize the growing consumer demand for greener housing. Eco-friendly building projects are on the rise, and their numbers increase significantly every year. The green building materials market is expected to grow to over $570 billion by 2027.

As you can see, going green isn’t a passing trend, it’s a movement that’s here to stay. Architects, builders, contractors, and designers are constantly searching for eco-friendly alternatives and solutions, just as homeowners are.

If you’re curious about stone building products, and their environmental impact, we have some helpful information for you. We compared manufactured stone versus naturally derived stone. And what we discovered may surprise you.



Most faux stone veneers are manufactured from concrete, pigments, and a small amount of aggregate materials. Casa di Sassi stone veneers are created using a similar general process. The term “manufactured” may not seem very eco-friendly at first. But when you compare faux stone’s manufacturing process to natural stone’s quarrying and pre-showroom production process, manufactured stone veneers turn out to be the eco-friendlier option.

Quarrying natural stone building materials can be an invasive process, causing extensive ecological damage. Manufactured stone’s concrete base requires less invasive quarrying, which is less harmful to the environment. This is an important reason why faux stone is such a great natural stone alternative.

Production facilities that create manufactured stone are very controlled environments. Many continue to adopt measures that conserve more energy, decrease waste, and reduce their overall carbon footprint. When waste materials are produced during stone manufacturing, they can be easily contained, and properly disposed of, which isn’t always the case in a large quarry.



This type of building material may come from a natural source, but “natural” doesn’t always mean it’s the most environmentally friendly option. This is because of the way natural stone products are sourced.

The quarrying process causes large-scale environmental and aesthetic impacts that may be irreversible. Erosion, chemical runoff, and toxins entering groundwater are just some of the negative aftershocks of extensive natural stone quarrying.

After quarrying, harmful environmental effects continue. Because natural stones are much heavier than manufactured ones, they require more energy during transport. As for sustainability, once natural stone is removed from the earth it will take millions, possibly billions of years to replace.



When you’re looking for a green stone building material, remember that natural isn’t always better. In most cases, manufactured stone is the more eco-friendly choice. When compared to natural stone, manufactured veneers are lightweight, so it takes less time, energy, and effort to transport, deliver, and install them.

Manufactured stone veneers are quickly becoming the number-one alternative to natural stone. Today’s production methods result in finished products that look just like genuine stone. They’re durable, made to last, and should maintain their appeal for decades, even outdoors in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.



Upon comparison, it’s quite apparent that manufactured stone paves the way to a more eco-friendly future, while natural stone falls behind. The long-term environmental costs of natural stone’s quarrying, and production, may outweigh its benefits for many homeowners.

Most home construction and remodeling projects have a budget limit. If you need to stay within that budget, manufactured stone veneers may be the best material. Faux stone products generally cost less than natural stone building materials, making them the better economic choice, too.

Casa di Sassi Stones

Now that you have a better understanding of how manufactured stone veneers contribute to a greener home construction or remodel, here are some great reasons why you should choose Casa di Sassi as your stone supplier. When you choose our products, you can be assured of top quality and timeless authenticity. Our stone profiles are inspired by hand-picked stones and architectural designs from around the world. Plus, every product is manufactured with close attention to detail and is backed by an industry leading 50 year warranty.

Finding environmentally friendly building materials can be difficult, but Casa di Sassi makes it easier. Are you ready to talk about stone? Contact us today.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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