Everything You Need to Know About Stone Wall Caps

When homeowners decide to install stone veneer to a section of their home’s exterior or interior, they typically spend most of their time selecting the stone profile. And that makes perfect sense. The stone profile’s design and color palette basically determines the entire look and feel of the finished project. If you really like a stone profile, chances are you’re going to love it once your stone makeover is complete.

Something a lot of homeowners don’t realize is that there are other decisions to make when shopping for stone. For instance, what types of stone wall caps will work best with your project? If you’re wondering what stone wall caps are, and if you even need them, we’re going to explain everything you need to know about stone wall caps right here.


In simple masonry terms, stone wall caps are pieces of flat stone that “cap off” an exposed wall surface or decorative column that’s been covered with stone veneer. Stone wall caps are typically square or rectangular in shape, with a flattened top surface. The edges can vary from rough and rustic looking, to smooth and highly finished.


Stone caps for walls and pillars have aesthetic and functional purposes. In terms of architectural detailing, stone wall caps provide an attractive top surface that’s the perfect finishing touch for outdoor landscape walls, patio border walls, or low-rise walls around fire pits and pool areas. We guarantee that all masonry professionals will recommend stone capping for these types of projects. Without proper capping, your new stone wall will look noticeably unfinished.

In addition to design appeal, stone wall caps also have a very important functional purpose – to protect your stone investment from wear and tear caused by the elements.


To maintain the beauty and durability of your stone accent wall, especially if it’s outdoors, you need to install wall caps. Why? As we mentioned above, properly installed stone wall caps will protect your wall from costly damage caused by excess moisture. If your wall isn’t capped off, its top area is exposed to rain, snow and precipitation that can permeate through and cause significant water damage to internal surface structures.

With proper capping, your wall’s internal structure is safe, secure, and protected against moisture damage. Water will drain off the cap’s top surface and never make its way into the actual wall.


Your professional masonry team will know exactly what to do when placing stone wall or pillar caps to structural areas. During the stone installation process, they’ll first apply stone veneer to the entire wall surface. Wall caps are typically one of the final details, and are installed after the veneer is up and fully set.

To prep the top of the wall, your masonry team will take measurements, cut wall caps accordingly, apply mortar, then put the wall caps in place. They will always measure so there’s at least a one-inch overhang on both sides of the wall to allow for proper water drainage.


Just as stone veneer profiles come in all sorts of colors and styles, stone wall caps are also available in a variety of choices. From rustic to modern, you can easily find wall caps to fit your project’s design. Choose from chiseled, flat and natural edge stone veneer caps in a range of colors and sizes for your project.


Chiseled capstones provide a subtly textured edge surface that’s not as rough or rugged as a natural edge. This type of wall cap is ideal for designs that are a good balance of rustic meets modern.


If you love the rugged, unfinished appearance of natural stone, then natural-edge wall caps are the way to go. All the old-world charm and rough surface textures of quarried stone are visibly apparent on natural wall caps.


Flat-edge wall caps have a sleeker, more finished appearance than chiseled or natural caps. The entire edge is smooth and defined, which lends itself beautifully to both contemporary and modern design principles.


At Casa di Sassi, we can help you find the perfect stone profiles to bring your project ideas to life, along with offering the necessary wall caps to finish your project just right. Our selection of cap accessories will protect your stone investment for years, while adding to its overall timeless appeal.

Want to learn more? Check out Casa di Sassi’s stone wall cap selection.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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