How Stone Veneer Accessories Level Up Your Project

Want to know the secret for how to buy manufactured stone veneer without regret? Opt for Casa di Sassi’s handcrafted quality — and add stone veneer accessories to take your project to the next level!

All stone veneer projects are unique. Whether you’re installing a kitchen backsplash, an outdoor firepit or the entire façade of your home, you’ll find places along the way that require manufactured stone accessories to achieve the finished, professional look your home deserves. But choosing the best stone accents to accommodate structural and decorative demands can be confusing, especially if this is your first experience with manufactured stone veneers.

Our rock-hunting pros have put together this guide to help you determine which stone accessories will suit your aesthetic and functional needs. Read on to learn all about our top-quality wall caps, hearthstones, utility covers, trim pieces and other manufactured stone home accessories.


Think of stone veneer accessories the way you think of the jewelry, scarves and neckties in your wardrobe: They’re those little details that pull a stone veneer project together and make it look complete.

Without getting too deep into how manufactured stone veneers are made, our products feature lightweight materials and mineral oxide pigments for natural-looking colors and textures. When a project involves installing stone veneer around a window, say, or around the corner of a kitchen island, it will require extra pieces to accommodate the angles without leaving unsightly gaps — and most homeowners want those “extras” to match seamlessly with the look and feel of the Casa di Sassi profile they chose to enhance their home.

Our skilled artisans put the same level of expertise and craftsmanship into our manufactured stone accessories as they do our top-quality veneers. That means you can feel confident selecting stone accents from us that will amplify your aesthetic while strengthening the overall versatility and durability of your Casa di Sassi stone veneer projects.


Ready to dig into the stone veneer accessories we have to offer? Don’t worry — thanks to the manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage over natural stones and bricks, you can add gorgeous finishing stone accents to your project without wrecking your budget.

Here are our pro tips on choosing stone veneer accessories for any residential upgrade, from how to landscape with stone veneers to how to transition between contrasting textures.


Putting a prettier face on a cement-block retaining wall? Sprucing up the border walls around your patio or outdoor kitchen? Need a fast finishing touch to top it off with style? Everything you need to know about our stone wall caps is that they are both beautiful and functional.

First, the aesthetics: We offer stone wall caps in three edge types to give you a choice of rugged, natural and smooth looks. Choose natural for a rustic effect, chiseled for more polished texture, or flat for a sleek, contemporary feel. Each is available in multiple color options, so you can match it up or go for more modern contrast.

Next, the function: Stone caps help keep rain, snow and other elements from getting inside the structure, protecting it from costly damage. A capped wall is safe and secure, allowing precipitation to simply drain off.


Whether it’s the light switches in your master bath or the garden hose in your backyard, most stone veneer projects encounter at least one utility junction. Browse an array of color options for double and single receptacle blocks, large and small light blacks, and hose bibs that help these necessary outlets blend into the overall project design for a seamless look.


Nothing creates a feeling of coziness like a stone-clad fireplace. And nothing recreates the look and feel of a traditional fireplace like a sturdy mantel and attractive hearthstone. Give an outdated living room fresh, contemporary appeal with a new mantel installation that features the timeless look of stone, the refinement of painted wood or the shabby-chic aesthetic of a rugged barn beam.

Of all the stone accents we’ve seen through the years, we might love hearthstones the most. That’s because they instantly create a warm welcome around those mesmerizing flames. Line up three or four on a ledge in front of an indoor fireplace or arrange them to add cozy texture and contrast around an outdoor kitchen or firepit.


Integrate your stone veneer project into your home’s overall aesthetic with these versatile stone home accessories. Whether you’re trying for an Old World façade around windows and doors, erecting an archway over your driveway or creating a unique accent wall in the master bath, you’ll need stone accents to pull it off beautifully. The keystone is typically the last piece laid in an arch, lending stability to the rounded shape. You can add V-shaped keystones atop windows or doors for a statelier look, even if they’re not strictly functional. Trim stones give you options, both in terms of shape and color. Use them for a uniform edge around fireplaces or entryways.

Watertable stone accents facilitate runoff above manufactured stone wainscotting and provide a seamless transition between different materials, like manufactured stone veneer and wood shingles. They also serve as beautifully rustic window sills or lintels that mimic those found in historic buildings.


Now that you have an idea of the mantels, stone caps and other stone veneer accessories you can find at Casa di Sassi, let’s talk about the benefits these beauties bring to the table. You’ll quickly understand their value — as well as why you should buy stone veneer in advance to make sure the stone accents you want are available and aesthetically complementary to the Casa di Sassi profile you’ve chosen.

Our manufactured stone accessories can:


Do you know how to install watertables so they move rainwater away from your home’s foundation? Have you successfully installed a fireplace mantel in the past? Are you confident in your ability to construct an archway between your house and garage?

One of the many benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers is that they can answer “yes” to all these questions. Our stone home accessories can improve the function of indoor and outdoor fireplaces, landscaping walls and other projects — if they are installed correctly.


We’re proud of the luxurious, natural-looking manufactured stone veneer designs and styles our artisans have crafted. But pairing them with cheap accents — or worse, leaving gaps with no accessories at all — diminishes their luxe appearance. You wouldn’t pair a bespoke, handmade suit with shabby, beat-up sneakers! Give your stone veneer projects a finished, high-end look with the seamless fit of our manufactured stone accents.


Dreaming of classic columns, sweeping arches and bold Mediterranean facades? Want to completely rethink the way your kitchen, master suite or outdoor living area looks and functions? Think your visions are too ambitious for stone veneer projects? Think again! Our manufactured stone accessories are up to the task of bringing your wildest design dreams to life.

Use these versatile stone accents to find the links between contemporary sleekness, mid century charm or Italian architecture and stone veneer projects of any scope. From the everyday beauty of a stone backsplash to the big-picture drama of a two-story accent wall to the inspired makeover of an outdated outdoor living area, our stone home accessories elevate any stone veneer project’s design to meet your vision.


Ready to take your home to the next level with Casa di Sassi stone veneer accessories? Check out all our options for mantels, hearthstones, trim pieces and more that fit your aesthetic, design needs and budget. Then get started making your vision of naturally beautiful stone veneer projects a reality with Casa di Sassi quality!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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