How to Find the Best Manufactured Stone Veneer


If you love the charm and beauty that stone brings to home design, you’re not alone. More homeowners are discovering how stylish, versatile and affordable stone is, especially manufactured stone veneer. As a building material, manufactured stone’s popularity has grown over the past decade. Stone veneer manufacturers report significant increases in product demand every year. Contractors nationwide are using stone veneer sheets for minor home remodels, major constructions, and every job in between.

With so many different manufactured stone products currently available, a lot of homeowners have a hard time deciding what’s the best choice for their property. Yes, there’s plenty to consider when finding the perfect manufactured stone. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you do some research, work with a trusted contractor, and answer a few simple questions before you start your project.

Where do you want stone installed? Are you interested in specific colors? Do you have a particular stone style in mind? Is there a budget limit?

Sometimes finding the best manufactured stone veneer is easy, and it’s simply a matter of selecting a style. Other times it depends on pre-installation structural challenges, placement concerns, or supply chain issues. If you’re worried about return-on-investment after installation, manufactured stone not only increases home values, it delivers high ROI – typically 90% or more.

Still unsure about how to find the best manufactured stone? Casa di Sassi is here to help! Hopefully the following tips and considerations will make it easier.



There’s no denying that manufactured stone is hot right now. Designers and architects turn to this versatile building material when they want to wow clients with unique, customized details.

Current design trends for interior spaces include stone accent walls, stone fireplaces, spa bathrooms, and kitchen remodels. For home exteriors, trending stone projects include front entryway renovations, stone porches or patios, and outdoor kitchens with stone accents.

If you want stone on your home’s exterior, manufactured stone veneer is durable and long-lasting for outdoors. When you choose manufactured stone for inside your home, it’s light enough to install on most interior walls. This means the stone you choose for outside your home can be used indoors, too, for a cohesive, designer inspired look.

Currently produced faux stone veneers come in a wide range of colors and styles. So you’ll find more variety when shopping for manufactured stone compared to natural. If you have a certain trendy look in mind, such as contemporary and all-white, or rustic and earth tone, manufactured stone fits effortlessly into any design plan.



Consumers generally have two choices of stone building materials – natural or manufactured. Natural stone veneers are produced from genuine, quarried stone. Manufactured stone veneers are produced from cement, aggregate materials, and pigments formed in a mold.

Natural stone is still a popular choice, but for many homeowners, manufactured stone’s benefits make it the clear winner. One reason is how lightweight manufactured stone is compared to natural. Lighter materials are easier and faster to install, plus they don’t require extra footings. Manufactured veneers can be applied to almost any load-bearing wall, wood frame, steel, or masonry surface. Stone veneer wall construction, even on the most tricky exterior or interior surfaces, is fairly simple with manufactured stone and a trained installer.



Most comparison reports will show that manufactured stone costs less overall when compared to natural stone. Depending on the amount needed, and the particular stone style, manufactured veneers could cost up to 50% less than a similar looking natural product. This cost savings includes installation fees, which are generally lower for manufactured veneer.

For manufactured stone veneers, prices vary according to style, color, and production capabilities. Budget conscious homeowners can easily find selections within cost range, including veneer for both exterior and interior applications. Simply stated, you can get more for your money when you go with manufactured stone.



Homeowners who invest the money and time in a stone renovation want to make sure it lasts. They also want to know that it’s protected against unexpected deterioration or damage that could occur in the future. Most stone manufacturers offer warranty packages which provide peace of mind to worried consumers.

If manufacturer defects such as cracking or peeling occur after a proper installation, typical warranties will cover repair or reinstallation costs. When you shop for stone, a critical deciding factor may be the manufacturer warranty. Casa di Sassi offers one of the best warranty programs in the industry – it lasts for 50 years!


If you want the best manufactured stone veneer for your home, choose Casa di Sassi as your supplier. Our one-of-a-kind stone and brick veneer profiles are inspired by hand-picked stones and architectural designs from around the world. We work with a growing network of nationwide distributors, which makes our stone available to more customers across the country.

Are you ready to shop for stone? Browse Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer profiles.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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