How to Use Manufactured Stone Veneer: Business Design Ideas

Want to elevate the look of your business with one of the hottest home design trends for 2023? Commercial stone veneer applications have become just as popular as residential upgrades — and with good reason! Manufactured stone veneer achieves the look and feel of natural stone with a fraction of the weight, making it way more versatile and useful. Plus, this durable and eco-friendly material requires little to no maintenance to retain its rugged good looks for years.

As a leading U.S.-based manufactured stone veneer company, Casa di Sassi brings nearly 20 years of experience to your commercial reno project. We also bring a wealth of stone veneer design ideas to the drawing table, so you can begin to see the possibilities for stone veneer in your business setting.

Check out the reasons for choosing manufactured stone veneer from trusted companies like Casa di Sassi, then dig into our top five stone veneer design ideas for a warm and luxe-looking commercial space.


Skip the big box stores and reap the benefits of buying quality stone veneer from Casa di Sassi. Not only do we give you a 50-year warranty against manufacturer defects on our stone veneers, but it transfers to your building’s next owners. That can translate into serious ROI on your reno dollars. Plus, we’ve developed a nationwide network of distributors who are all small- or medium-sized business owners themselves. You can trust their expertise and guidance in hiring professional stone veneer installers because they specialize in the masonry industry.

Our impressive collection of stone veneer profiles is another reason to choose Casa di Sassi as your preferred stone veneer company. Find the look that speaks to your brand and suits your style among our unique, natural-looking profiles. From rustic and laid-back to timelessly classic to mid century modern and beyond, our handcrafted stone veneer profiles elevate any setting.


Homeowners don’t have a lock on increasing curb appeal with stone veneer design. Get your business noticed by installing manufactured stone veneer on its street-facing façade. It will stand apart from all other businesses with the elevated yet earthy look of stone veneer around the main entryway, over the entire building front or paired with areas of stucco or traditional siding. Commercial stone veneer installations help your business seem warmer and more approachable, making it a great choice for restaurants, healthcare facilities and companies in the hospitality industry.


Using natural stones to adorn your business is surprisingly costly — both for you as a business owner and for all of us as citizens of Planet Earth. Invasive quarrying practices generate a lot of ecological damage, and the hefty weight of stones makes transportation prohibitively expensive and environmentally disastrous. On the other hand, lightweight and domestically manufactured stone veneer has surprisingly low environmental impact, thanks to efforts from reputable manufactured stone veneer companies to conserve resources, reduce waste and decrease their overall carbon footprint.


Your brand is your business — so it should be iterated on every surface possible. Installing manufactured stone veneer on your storefront lends it a look of luxury, elegance and permanence. Whether it’s a financial firm, a retail boutique or coffee shop, Casa di Sassi products can elevate the exterior of your business and help bring your brand into focus.


Here are our top five stone veneer design ideas for taking the look of your business to the next level.


Stone columns flanking an entryway or lined up along a storefront like soldiers bring an air of stateliness to your business. But constructing those columns from fired brick or real stones can also bring a giant-sized price tag. You’ll see big cost differences between stone veneer, brick and natural stone — with stone veneer coming out the most cost-effective. Keep in mind that manufactured stone veneer is not a weight-bearing material. But you’ll still come out ahead with manufactured stone veneer design either on existing but unsightly columns or on columns you have built from cheap and unpretty materials like cement blocks, then clad with gorgeous, natural-looking stone veneer.


Including natural elements in an interior design creates a soothing, warm atmosphere. Find a sense of calm in a medical or veterinary waiting room, day spa reception area or high-end funeral home by installing manufactured stone veneer on an accent wall or the front of a large intake desk. Our versatile profiles can add a sense of continuity between various rooms in your business, as well. Consider interior stone veneer design ideas that carry over from your company’s entryway, like an elegant backsplash in the breakroom or a dramatic focal point in the executive boardroom.


Create an even more unified brand image by continuing the look of your company’s exterior into your interior spaces. You can use the same manufactured stone in the reception area as you have on the building’s façade for a warm sense of continuity. If your business is connected to the great outdoors — a bicycle shop, say, or a boutique of eco-friendly women’s clothing — commercial stone veneer applications are a great choice for blurring the transition between indoor and outdoor activities. Choose the same stone veneer as the exterior siding for a clear match or get a more modern look by mixing it up and installing manufactured stone veneer indoors with a matching profile but in a color that contrasts from the outdoors.


Heat up the alfresco dining areas or relaxation spaces of your restaurant, bar or day spa with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit clad in commercial stone veneer. We’ve got lots of stone veneer ideas for fireplaces and mantels that invite quiet reflection or warm conversations. Take texture all the way to the ceiling of a covered deck with stone veneer design on a fireplace and chimney. Or keep it small and cozy with a fire table or a casual fire pit adding visual interest and literal heat to your business’s outdoor ambiance.


A waterfall, pond or other water feature can look more fully integrated into all your other commercial spaces with a few simple stone veneer design ideas. You don’t want to install stone veneer where it will be in constant contact with water, but its lighter weight and easy installation make it a dream for achieving a seamless look between water feature and dry land. Consider installing manufactured stone veneer on low walls beside the waterfall or on walls that line the walkway from the pond into your business. The natural look and feel makes any commercial stone veneer segue a smoother one.


Ready to level up your brand with these great ideas for stone veneer business applications? Casa di Sassi delivers the peace of mind of top-quality stone veneers that are handcrafted in the U.S. and ready to ship quickly. Add eye-catching beauty, timeless durability and the look of luxury to your commercial reno or new-build project with products you can trust from one of the most respected manufactured stone veneer companies in the country. Find a Casa distributor >

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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