How We Limit SKUs to Save You Inventory Costs - the Right Number of SKUs

Submitted by Casa di Sassi on Fri, 03/05/2021 - 9:55am

The more the merrier doesn’t necessarily apply to a stone manufacturer’s product lines. While diverse choices and attractive innovations are an important facet of our business, we also know that keeping our stone product offerings at the “right size” offers several benefits to our customers. 

Our goal at Casa di Sassi is to provide you with a manageable inventory that keeps your capital expenditures low – and helps you avoid other inconveniences like discontinued products. Learn more about what we mean when we say we offer just the right number of SKUs. 


There’s nothing worse than when you fall in love with a product and then the manufacturer discontinues it. Whether an existing customer needs a replacement product or you have a new customer interested in a specific product but you’re running low on stock, not being able to source it from the manufacturer can be more than frustrating – it can put your business in a tight spot and lead to wasted product. 


This issue is often the result of manufacturers offering TOO MANY SKUs. It’s inevitable that before long the manufacturer will have to discontinue products because they aren’t popular enough to justify continuing production. Then as a distributor of their product, you are left with limited quantities of discontinued products and more often than not – disgruntled customers.


Inventory Costs

Not only does a manufacturer offering too many SKUs lead to more frequent discontinuing of their products – keeping inventory for hundreds of products means expensive inventory costs for distributors.


When a manufacturer just keeps adding on to their product offerings, you will have to continually buy new inventory to keep their complete line stocked. This is an expensive commitment upfront and could also be a risky investment for your business if several products end up not being popular with your customers. 


Select Product Offerings

Unlike many of our stone manufacturer competitors who continually add on to their product offerings – and frequently discontinue products – Casa di Sassi takes a different approach to our stone veneer product offerings. We are committed to keeping your capital expenditures low by offering only a manageable selection of popular choices.


We don’t see the benefit of inundating our customers with too much product. That means that our products will be around for longer and you don’t have to take the risk that they will be discontinued on a regular basis. It also means that distributors of our products don’t have to keep inventory of hundreds of SKUs, many of which might not be of interest to your customers. 


The Casa di Sassi Advantage 

We provide our customers with the stone veneer products you need, when you need them! 

By not having to purchase a surplus of SKUs to stock our products, we help you save money right off the bat. You could also benefit from needing less shelf and storage space to offer our products, allowing you to cut costs over time. Finally, you will save even more money down the line because you won’t be faced with trying to unload unpopular SKUs or leftover discontinued products. 


Ready to learn more about Casa di Sassi’s “right size” selection? Check out all of our beautiful stone veneer products!