Italian Architecture and Stone Veneer: Una Coppia Di Sogno

Saluti, Italophiles! If your heart is filled with la brama for Italian architecture characteristics — but you’re not sure how to add them to your casa Americana — you’re in the right place!

Manufactured stone veneer and Italian architectural styles go together like pasta and a nice chianti. And la squadra here at Casa di Sassi loves all things Italian as much as you do, so we’ve put together some great ideas for achieving the look of homes and buildings from “The Boot” right here in the good ol’ USA.

The history of Italian architecture is long and covers a lot of stylistic ground. Let’s begin with a short journey through the various Italian architecture styles to get ourselves grounded in the design elements that have made the Bel Paese so influential for the past millennium.

Then we’ll dig into some of the ways you can recreate those elements on your property without wrecking your budget, thanks to the versatility and cost of stone veneer compared to real stone and brick.


There are four generally accepted eras in Italian architecture’s history: Classical, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. The first dates back nearly 3,000 years and was heavily influenced by Greek culture, as seen in the use of columns and pilasters on temples from the period.

The Roman Empire ruled Italy for some 500 years, constructing miles of transport roads and hundreds of buildings. This period expanded the Greek idea of columns by adding rounded arches and soaring vaulted ceilings — made possible by the Roman refinement of a new construction material called “opus caementicium,” aka the forerunner of modern cement. These Romanesque Italian architecture styles spread throughout Europe after the mostly stagnant Medieval period.

The Gothic era of Italian architecture saw even more technological advancement, most visibly the pointed arch. This historic development allowed for thinner, higher walls by altering the distribution of weight. Engineers of the time reveled in newfound possibilities, adding soaring vaulted ceilings and ornate stonework to ever more ambitious cathedral designs.

The Renaissance was a time of cultural rebirth across Europe, but nowhere was it more intense than in Italy. Architects of this period were elevated to the status of artists, as they strove to incorporate aesthetic beauty and harmonious proportions into their work. Classical elements like columns, pilasters and rounded arches were refined into ever lighter and more graceful iterations that remain popular today.


If the weight of thousands of years of Italian architectural history seems overwhelming, don’t worry. There are just four Italian architecture characteristics that you need to know about to bring beauty and elegance to your home: columns, arches, bold facades and Mediterranean colors.

Let’s look at how each one exemplifies Italian architecture — and how our unique stone veneer profiles allow you to incorporate them into your interior or exterior design for a little taste of Italy’s storied history at home.


The Pantheon in Rome. The Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The Columns of San Lorenzo in Milan.

Columns are everywhere in Italy. In fact, they are one of the most recognizable Italian architecture characteristics. Get that timelessly impressive look in your garden without the weight of historic materials by digging into how to landscape with stone veneer. Build columns of any height with inexpensive cement blocks, then finish them with the rugged look of our Country Rubble profile. Elevate the presence of a garden-variety retaining wall to the level of Italian architecture in modern stone veneer, and top it with stone wall caps for a classical touch that mimics Roman-era walls throughout Europe.


The Coliseum. The Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano. The Abbey of San Galgano.

These structures exemplify both the rounded arches of Roman Italian architecture and the pointed arches of the Gothic period. Bring that stately look into your home with manufactured stone veneer. The lighter weight of Casa di Sassi veneers makes it possible to create impressive bathroom design concepts, like a faux arch as part of a tub-surround wall in the master bath. You can also increase the curb appeal of your home with Italian-inspired stone veneer in an arch design on your front porch, carport or garage.


St. Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican. The Duomo de Milano.

Bold, eye-catching facades are a hallmark of Italian architecture. Houses of any modern style can emulate this characteristic, thanks to the versatility and flexibility of manufactured stone veneer. Italian-inspired design ideas for your home exterior are nearly limitless! Cover your home’s entire front with our Volterra profile in crisp Niveo finish for a clean, contemporary take on the boldest Italian architecture styles. Or opt for the latest trend of mixed materials with an Italian stone veneer twist by combining our Old World and Brick profiles in complementing colors to fashion a façade that evokes the sense of history of Italian architecture.


Sunsets on the Amalfi Coast. Dawn on the Accademia Bridge in Venice. Long afternoons near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

When people recall their visits to Italy, they often speak of the light — how it’s different there, how it plays on the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, caresses Italian architecture and enhances the jewel-toned color palette of the region. Bring that inimitable feeling home with the rich, sumptuous hues of our Italian-inspired stone veneer. The warmth of our Euro, Grigio, Rosso, Terracina and other profile colors dovetail with the latest home design trends, too. Whether it’s on a kitchen backsplash, foyer accent wall or outdoor fire pit, Casa di Sassi stone veneers add the depth and earthiness of Italian architecture history to any contemporary home.


Ready to introduce the history of Italian architecture to your ambiente familiare? It’s easy at Casa di Sassi because we’re committed to ensuring you’ll buy stone veneer without regret. Our handcrafted profiles deliver artisanal quality, reliable durability and an impressive manufacturer’s warranty. Elevate your everyday experience with the sumptuous look and feel of Italian architecture by incorporating our manufactured stone veneer profiles into your interior or exterior design plans today. Prego!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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