Manufactured Stone Veneer: Texture, Color and Inspiration

What mood does the interior design of your home evoke? Is your living space bright, airy and vibrant? Perhaps you’re more interested in a calm, cozy, comforting welcome at the end of a long day.

No matter what feeling you’d like to kindle in your home, you’ll need to coordinate a lot of elements to nail it. Furnishings, fixtures and accents all work together to create a room’s mood. When a room feels a little “off,” it can be difficult to determine why — but the fault usually lies in two of the most overlooked interior design puzzle pieces: color and texture.

It may surprise you how much influence these two components have on your home’s look and feel. But equally surprising is how simply and easily you can alter them to achieve the latest home design trends, which just happen to hinge on texture and color.

The pros at Casa di Sassi are obsessed with using manufactured stone veneer to elevate any atmosphere. It’s the perfect choice to include luxurious texture in design concepts that span from rustic to traditional to vintage-inspired to mid century modern to sleekly contemporary.

Read on for our insight into stone veneer design ideas that bring color, texture and inspiration to your indoor and outdoor living spaces!


Humans are visual and tactile creatures. Whether it comes from a traffic light or an oil painting, an itchy wool sweater or a silky cashmere throw, we respond to color and texture in myriad ways. Different colors and textures naturally influence our psychology and emotions, making them the foundation of any interior design plan.

Think about the stark whiteness of a hospital versus the rich upholstery in an upscale hotel. These spaces bring up very different feelings — and not by accident. The intentional use of light or dark colors and smooth or rough textures helps create a specific type of atmosphere. And understanding your response to various hues and tactile elements can help you put together an interior design that makes you feel right at home.

Manufactured stone veneer brings both color and texture to any space. And because there are so many types and styles of stone veneer, design concepts of any scope or scale benefit from its unique combination of visual and tactile beauty.


Manufactured stone veneer and interior design go together the way your favorite jeans complement literally any top. You can dress it up or keep it low-key, use it as an accent or a focal point, and pair it with a wide array of furniture and fixtures, from vintage to modern. That’s because Casa di Sassi’s profile selections feature a variety of stone veneer textures and hues that dovetail with the importance of color and texture in design success.

Whether you’re designing your dream house from the foundation up or renovating your beloved older home to reflect your modern tastes, there’s a stone color and finish to bring it all together. Plus, you don’t have to worry about where to install stone veneer because the light weight and excellent durability of our manufactured stone veneers make it possible to achieve Insta-worthy height and decadence in places where natural stones would be simply impractical.


One of the many benefits of manufactured stone veneer in home design projects is its return on investment. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how far your interior design dollars go with this cost-effective and visually stunning option.

Let’s dig into some of our favorite stone veneer design ideas for creating a specific mood in various parts of your home.


Transform your master suite or guest bath into a calming escape with stone veneer texture and a cool color palette. Of all the stone veneer bathroom ideas we’ve seen, we like a coastal vibe best for its link to both the natural world and the idea of vacation. Plus, this interior design concept is infinitely customizable. Choose a rugged profile in a pale hue, like EZ Ledge in Niveo, for an opulent tub surround that pairs beautifully with elegant gold or copper finishes for an at-home spa effect. Paint the walls pale blue and hang a seascape done in watercolors to complete the shoreline theme.


The stone color of a fireplace sets the tone for the entire room. Choosing a profile with a dramatic texture design, like Country Rubble, is a great way of making your home modern with manufactured stone veneer while welcoming nature into your everyday experience. The key to keeping the look contemporary is limiting clutter, so skip the tchotchkes in favor of a few pieces of wall art that complement the rugged stonework. Opt for textiles in deep, woodsy hues, like navy and forest green, and add a few metal accents, like a sleek mid century coffee table, for a more modern look.


Today’s kitchens are multitasking wonders. It’s the room where everyone gravitates at a party, but it’s also where your family’s most memorable moments take place. From homework to WFH, morning coffee to family meals, holiday baking to midnight snacking, the kitchen is arguably the most important room of your home. And nowhere is the importance of color and texture in design more evident! Capture the most modern kitchen ideas using manufactured stone veneer for visual and tactile delight. Warm up a monochromatic look with the added depth of our Blends profile in the stylish Polare stone color. The black, white and gray tones are totally contemporary, and the soft stone veneer texture creates a welcoming feel.


Color and texture are just as important outside your home as they are inside it. Make yours stand out from the neighbors with a modern stone veneer design on your home’s exterior walls. White remains the most popular color for houses in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Jump on the mixed materials trend by combining our Brick profile and vertical siding in matching shades of white. The crisp color and varied textures look contemporary while also conveying a timeless sophistication.


Take your commitment to creating mood through color and texture outdoors by including stone veneer texture in your al fresco living areas. We love the luxurious look of an outdoor kitchen enveloped in sumptuous stone veneer texture. Choose our Volterra profile in warm Terracina color for classically historic ruggedness or opt for the moody midcentury vibe of Kwik Stack in Carbone hue. Wondering how to landscape with stone veneer? Elevate your flower beds with handsome, natural texture in colors of the earth by covering a garden-variety retaining wall in our Fieldstone profile.


Nothing adds color, texture and inspiration to your home — without breaking the bank — like manufactured stone veneer. And if you want to know the secret to buying stone veneer without regret, look no further than a reliable, U.S.-based manufacturer like Casa di Sassi. Our handcrafted products combine natural stone colors and textures with lightweight durability and an eco-friendly manufacturing process to bring a world of possibilities to your home.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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