Manufactured Stone Veneer Types, Designs and Styles

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Confused about all the different types of stone veneer out there? Trying to determine which stone veneer style will complement your home’s aesthetic and architecture? Wondering about the difference between manufactured stone veneer, natural stones and other stone products?

The pros at Casa di Sassi are here to help! Read on for a breakdown of stone veneer types, insight into various stone veneer patterns and colors, and a few stone design ideas for each type of wall treatment.


There are three basic forms of stone you can use to enhance your home’ aesthetics: natural stone, thin-bed veneers and manufactured stone veneer. The biggest variation among them is weight and price, but let’s look at each separately.


Rocks, boulders and stones found in the wild are called natural stones. They feature irregular shapes and colors, which makes them simultaneously beautiful and difficult to handle. They’re also incredibly heavy, making transportation a pricey undertaking.


Also known as thin-cut veneer, this product is made by cutting thin slices of natural stone, polishing and shaping them to a desired appearance, then mounting them onto a mesh or metal backing. This stone veneer type weighs about half what natural stone does, making it more versatile. But it is also less durable and more prone to chipping and cracking.


Manufactured stone veneer is a decorative wall treatment that delivers all the beauty and texture of natural stone in a lightweight profile that’s durable, versatile and endlessly adaptable. It’s handcrafted by rock connoisseurs who are inspired by Mother Nature and determined to replicate some of her finest work. The stone veneer making process begins with a rock hunt. Then our craftspeople create a one-of-a-kind mold that meticulously recreates the nuanced textures and shapes of stones set in patterns you’d see on Old World buildings. Those molds are filled with a carefully balanced mixture of cement, aggregate materials and mineral oxides for pigment, then they’re allowed to cure. The result is a light, versatile wall covering that features natural-looking texture and color variations.

You’ll find major cost differences between stone veneer, natural stone and other products — with manufactured stone veneer winning out, thanks to its ultimate versatility and variety.


Once you’ve decided that manufactured stone veneer is your type, you’ve got a world of possibilities to choose from in terms of style! Casa di Sassi stone veneer styles range from classically Old World to rustically mosaic to traditionally symmetric to dimensionally contemporary. Let’s look at the stone veneer patterns and features that define each one:


In this stone style, design elements include both large and small stones in semi-regular shapes that have been fitted together in random patterns. The overall effect is ordered yet rustic, similar to walls and foundations of buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Examples from Casa di Sassi include the Old World and Country Rubble profiles.


Much like the up-close view of a pointillist painting, mosaic stone veneer patterns seem random, perhaps even chaotic. This style includes a wide range of stone heights, shapes, sizes and textures for a ruggedly handsome effect.

Casa di Sassi’s mosaic stone style design is called Fieldstone, and it’s available in multiple hues.


If your goal is to create a sense of calm and order in your home, symmetrical stone veneer design styles are a must. These options feature regularly shaped stones or bricks in identical sizes placed into rigidly regular patterns. Some selections feature two or three different sizes of stone, but the pattern always remains regular and balanced. Symmetry in interior or exterior design gives the eye a place to rest, lending a calming effect to the space.

Symmetrical stone profiles from Casa di Sassi include BrickBarnstone and Granite.


All stone veneer types feature natural texture — but dimensional stone veneer styles take it to the next level! Also called “dry stack,” this style has no visible mortar lines, making it look like the stones are stacked “dry” atop one another. Our craftspeople hand-select stone of varying sizes, shapes and textures, then allow ridges and edges to protrude for a rough surface that invites intriguing shadow play in the crevices. This stone style design is particularly suited to mid century modern décor themes, but it can be tricky to get right, adding to the benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers.

Dimensional dry stack stone veneer options from Casa di Sassi include LedgestoneKwik Stack and EZ Ledge — but our Blends profile combines that dimensional effect with the traditional look of thin grout lines.


Now that you’ve matched your personal style to a complementing stone veneer style, consider the ultimate effect you hope to achieve. Choosing a stone veneer type often depends on the application, so you need to understand where to install stone veneer and where to avoid it.


Choose mortared stone veneer types for a more traditional look that features obvious grout lines, be they thin or thick. Along with Old World, mosaic and symmetrical stone veneer styles discussed early, mortared stone veneer profiles from Casa di Sassi include:


This semi-symmetrical choice brings a classic design style into the 21st century with three sumptuous color choices. Turin offers a variety of light and dark hues that emphasize the unique shapes and sizes of the rectangular stone pieces. Terracina is more subtle, warming up its rugged texture with dimensional shades of brown and tan. Niveo shines a light on contemporary shabby-chic aesthetics with a crisp, creamy hue that dovetails with today’s hottest stone trends for home exteriors.


With a timeless yet modern look, this stone style design goes far beyond the trends. Neutral toned hues and clean lines come together in a subtly rugged texture to create an eye-catchingly architectural option. Its profile color is called “Sombre,” but this stone style is anything but gloomy. It’ll add a soaring sense of lightness to a stately foyer, contemporary kitchen or spa-like master bath.


Opt for dry stack types of stone veneer when tactile and visual interest are paramount. Slightly more daring than mortared stone styles, these stone veneers bring the natural world into your design aesthetic. Casa Di Sassi’s dry stack picks include:

Kwik Stack

With regular heights and random lengths, the natural edges on this stone veneer style can be mesmerizing. Add drama to an accent wall with the Kwik Stack profile in moody Carbone color. Warm up the family room with a fireplace clad in Matera color dry stack stone veneer. Give your monochromatic kitchen or bath some textural interest with a Kwik Stack backsplash or tub surround in brilliant Niveo color.

EZ Ledge

The variety of textures and dimensions in this profile are tempered by symmetrical lines. The overall effect is quite dramatic, mimicking face clefts found on natural rock formations in both the Eastern and Western United States. Four color options let you go traditional and warm, rugged and dramatic, or clean and contemporary with this stone style design.


Want to know the secret of how to buy stone veneer without regret? Choose a reputable manufacturer that’s located in the United States, is family owned, has decades of experience and works with reliable distributors across the country — Casa di Sassi. Find a distributor near you and discover the difference of top quality.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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