Quality Is Curated by Customer Feedback

Submitted by Casa di Sassi on Mon, 04/19/2021 - 3:52pm

Casa di Sassi customers are more than just those who stock our products, they are also our curators! The inspiration for our stone veneer profiles and other accessories is handpicked and carefully curated – learn about the important role that our distributors play in helping to bring our timeless designs to life and keep them in production. 

We Value Your Expertise

Customer feedback about our products is always appreciated and helps us learn about how we can better serve our customers. It also helps us innovate. While we have numerous, often hands-on, methods to inspire new product lines, the ideas from our customers have proven to be some of the best! 

As a distributor, you gain expertise from working directly with homeowners, business owners and contractors. This insight about what your customers like, what they wished they could find, and what doesn’t quite hit the mark is invaluable to us. We make smart choices based off of this feedback – choices that benefit you and your customers. From curating new color palettes to manufacturing profiles that allow for a hassle-free install with clean lines and much more. Wish we carried our Volterra stone or limestone stone profiles in an alternate color? Getting requests for stone veneer inspired by the mountains of ____? Let us know!

We Offer Popular Products

Customer demand also drives our production. This means that your favorite stone profiles aren’t going anywhere – we only discontinue products by popular choice and offer a manageable collection of customer favorites. When manufacturers offer hundreds of product choices, distributors are faced with high costs upfront to stock their product lines and then the losses that result from frequent discontinuing of products. You become stuck with shelves full of unusable amounts of product. Your customers are displeased when you cannot restock a product for their project. And so on. 

Avoid this mess with Casa di Sassi’s high-quality products. We maintain a select product offering composed of popular customer choices – including timeless stone and brick veneer profiles, versatile wood and stone mantels, and other accessories like accents, caps and more. 

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Want to learn more about how our selection is curated and the role you can play in shaping our product offerings? Contact us today!