Quality Stone Veneer: Is It Worth the Investment?

High quality stone veneer fits seamlessly with the latest home design trends of texture, earthy colors and luxuriously understated details. Choosing manufactured stone veneer to elevate your home’s interior or exterior makes great sense from an aesthetic standpoint — but is it a wise investment for your new build or reno project?

How long does stone veneer last? What kind of return on investment can homeowners expect from a quality stone veneer installation? And how can you be sure you’re buying the best stone veneer available?

The pros at Casa di Sassi have years of experience manufacturing top-quality stone veneer products. We’ve seen a lot of projects along the way, and we’re committed to helping homeowners get the most from the stone veneer details they add to their homes.

Read on for our insight into how to buy stone veneer without regret while gaining both a better everyday experience in your home and the possibility of more lucrative bids when it’s time to sell.


Thanks to the manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage, quality stone veneer can stretch your home improvement dollars a lot further than natural stones or bricks. But don’t let that cost difference lure you into thinking those cheaper products on the big-box store shelves are the same as Casa di Sassi’s top-quality stone veneer!

Your home deserves stone veneer details that look luxurious for the long haul — and when stone veneer material seems unbelievably inexpensive, it’s likely to lack quality.

The best stone veneer products deliver on several key factors, including:


Is stone veneer siding durable? Yes — when you invest in a high-quality handcrafted product! How can you be sure that Casa di Sassi’s products are made to last with the highest quality stone veneer materials and processes? For starters, we stand behind our products with a 50-year warranty. You read that right: 50 years of luxurious beauty that is guaranteed to be free from blistering, peeling, flaking, delaminating or cracking. Plus, our warranty transfers to the next owner of your home, so it’s a great selling point when it comes time to list your property. That confidence speaks to an inherent durability you won’t find in lower-quality stone veneers.


The beautiful byproduct of Casa di Sassi stone veneer’s durability is the way it elevates any home’s exterior. If you’re looking to increase your home’s curb appeal, manufactured stone veneer is truly effective, both in terms of cost and aesthetics. Adding stone veneer details to your home’s façade creates a stately, high-end look that’s eye-catching from the street. Whether you cover the entire front of your home with our high quality stone veneer or pair it with cedar shingles, vinyl siding or other materials, your house will stand out from the neighbors with luxurious texture and natural visual appeal.


A stunning foyer accent wall. A breathtaking kitchen backsplash. A sumptuous outdoor entertainment area. No matter where you put it, high quality stone veneer is a sure way to increase the ROI on a home remodel project. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the most important rooms for prospective buyers, so those locales can yield the best return when you sell. But elevated exterior spaces are increasingly popular, so upgrading your patio or landscaping with stone veneer is a great choice for getting your money’s worth from any reno.


Choosing the best stone veneer isn’t all about resale value — it’s also an excellent way to make your family’s everyday experience at home a little more luxurious. The natural texture, earthy colors and timeless style of Casa di Sassi stone veneer add warmth and coziness to any room, from the kitchen to the master bath to the lower-level game room to the home office. One of the many benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers is how they can help you determine the best placement of your stone veneer details and choose the accessories that will deliver the finished look you crave. Plus, they’ll complete the job quickly and efficiently with as little mess as possible. And speaking of mess, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you learn how to clean manufactured stone veneer: infrequently and with very little effort!


Now that you’re seeing some of the benefits of purchasing high quality stone veneer from Casa di Sassi, let’s look at what makes our products stand apart from the competition.

We craft the best stone veneer products with:


All our stylish stone veneer profiles begin with a rock hunt. Our designers have been known to pull over onto the side of the road to examine an intriguing boulder, barn or old building. They’re constantly bringing rocks and stones they’ve found into our facility, where they tinker and play with them in various configurations until they hit on an arrangement that strikes them as uniquely beautiful. We make sure to include both rustic and refined looks in our portfolio, so you have an array of choices to complement your aesthetic — be it traditional, vintage-inspired, mid century modern, transitional or sleekly contemporary.


When you consider the ecological destruction involved in quarrying natural stones, the environmental impact of manufactured stone veneer is minimal. At the Casa di Sassi production facility in Apple Creek, Ohio, we’ve voluntarily adopted measures to conserve energy, decrease waste and reduce our overall carbon footprint — because we’re committed to helping preserve the beauty of our natural world for future generations. You can feel good about choosing our high quality stone veneers because their lighter weight requires less time, fuel and effort to transport, deliver and install than bricks or stones. And their durability adds to their status as a sustainable building material.


Despite the meticulous nature of our artisanal design procedure, the stone veneer manufacturing process at Casa di Sassi is quite efficient. Our skilled artisans craft rubber molds of the designs they find most pleasing, allowing us to create multiple runs of a single profile quickly and with little waste. We make sure the molds vary in size and spacing so that the finished installation appears more natural and less cookie-cutter than some cheaper products. That way, you get more variety and less repetition with all the little nuances that define the look of natural stone without the high price tag or labor-intensive installation that “real” stones require.


Along with the question of how long stone veneer lasts and whether it’s eco-friendly, we’re often asked where to purchase Casa di Sassi stone veneer. That’s an easy one! We’ve developed a nationwide network of reliable, professional dealers and distributors who are intimately familiar with our products and stone veneer installation requirements. They can help you choose the best stone veneer to complement your home’s aesthetic, meet the needs of your project and fit within your budget. They can also help you find and hire professional installers who can achieve your design vision while being respectful of your property and possessions.


The bottom line is that it’s definitely worth investing in the highest quality stone veneer to add luxury, aesthetic appeal and time-tested durability to your home. We’ve laid a foundation of integrity, honesty and quality as our core values at Casa di Sassi, and that’s what we deliver to your home in every box of our high quality stone veneer materials and accessories.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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