Refresh Your Home With Stone Veneers

All homeowners have reached this point at least once. It’s when you love your home, but you don’t really like its outdated style anymore. Maybe you feel the outside needs updating, or the interior could use a fresh, new look. Whether you do an all-out overhaul, or a simple one-room renovation, you should consider giving stone veneer a starring role in your next remodel.

Home renovations benefit significantly from stone veneer installation. Stone veneers improve your home’s appearance by adding tons of curb appeal to its exterior, and by giving luxurious, high-end style to interior spaces.

Today’s manufactured stone veneers look so similar to natural stone, it’s often hard to tell the difference. Plus, lower installation costs, easy maintenance, and high return-on-investment possibilities are making manufactured stone the preferred building material.


Stone is seeing a surge in popularity as more homeowners fall for its timeless appeal. When shopping for stone, first timers often have questions regarding the different stone types and the terms used to describe each kind of stone.

What is stone veneer? Stone veneers are thin profiles, usually less than two inches thick, that are installed directly onto a wall surface. Some stone veneers are made from thin-cut natural stone. But most stone veneers used in construction today are manufactured.

What are manufactured stone veneers? This type of man-made stone is a combination of cement, lightweight aggregate materials, and pigments. These materials are poured into molds which replicate the look of genuine stones once production is complete.


Stone veneers are lightweight and can be installed on a wide range of surfaces. This is one of their biggest benefits, and a top reason why more homeowners choose veneers over traditional stone.

When it comes to installation, thick and heavy natural stones have many limitations due to their excessive weight. They take longer to install, require a lot of surface preparation work and reconstruction, plus they cost more than most stone veneer products.

If going over budget is a concern, manufactured stone veneers are a cost-effective solution. They provide all the charm and character of natural stone at a more reasonable price. Since stone veneers easily adhere to most surfaces, there isn’t the need to tear down existing walls, or build new ones before most installations.


The rising interest in everything eco-friendly isn’t a passing trend. It’s a movement that’s here to stay. Architects, builders, and homeowners want greener building materials used in home remodels and new constructions.

When comparing natural stone to manufactured stone veneers, natural isn’t necessarily better for the environment. Natural stone’s quarrying process is quite invasive and damaging to the earth. It causes erosion and can produce toxins. Delivering and installing natural stone consumes significant amounts of energy, too.

Manufactured stone producers continue to adopt more eco-friendly measures. As they look for ways to conserve energy and decrease waste during production, they’re reducing their carbon footprint. Since man-made veneers are lightweight, it takes less time, energy, and effort to transport, deliver, and install them.



Veneer installation is less labor intensive than natural stone, but it’s still best when done by a team of professional masonry experts. Stone veneers are intended for non-structural use and need to be applied to a load-bearing surface. This includes concrete walls, wood frames, steel, or masonry.

Surface preparation is necessary before stone veneers can be put in place. And most contractors follow strict installation guidelines. Typically a vapor barrier or metal lath is applied to the surface area before a scratch coat of mortar is applied and allowed to dry.

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Front Porch with stone veneer accents


Installing stone veneer to your home’s exterior is a great move. Stone veneer details enhance existing architectural elements and improve overall curb appeal. Manufactured veneers are durable and made to withstand the elements, so they’ll last a long time with minimal maintenance.

What’s the best place for exterior stone veneer installation? Virtually anywhere! Most designers agree your home’s front porch, or the bottom sections of its facade are excellent options. Columns, dormers, entryways, and back patios also benefit from custom designed, stone veneer details.


Natural stone is often too heavy for interior installation projects. That’s why manufactured stone veneers are the preferred option indoors. Accent walls, fireplaces, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and basement bar areas are ideal options when it comes to stone veneer details.

Accent walls in living or dining rooms are a popular design choice. Stone veneer’s lighter weight and many style options allow for the easy installation of floor to ceiling stone on almost any interior wall. What as once impossible with natural stone, is now possible with manufactured stone veneer.

Casa di Sassi’s unique stone profiles are the perfect fit for your home makeover. From classic to contemporary, our manufactured stone veneers offer timeless style for exterior and interior renovations. Plus every stone we make is backed by an industry leading 50 year warranty. Want to learn more? Check out our stone profiles here.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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