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Rock Hunts & Other Ways We Develop Products

We know that the more time and effort we put into developing new stone veneer profiles and other products, the more quality and value we can deliver to our customers. We also recognize that customer feedback, trends and the original “influencer” – Mother Nature herself – play vital roles in developing products that our distributors and their customers can get excited about. 

Rock Hunts

Nothing inspires our stone connoisseurs at Casa di Sassi more than a good ol’ rock hunt. We aren’t strangers to pulling over to the side of the road when we see a great rock or impressive architecture. We also scope rock quarries and even stones salvaged from old structures to find the stones that we’re interested in replicating and turning into Casa profiles. 

Chiseling Stones

After we find the rocks that we love and know our customers would love, too, we take back multiple skids of these natural stones to our headquarters in Apple Creek, Ohio. We hand pick and manicure every stone with some basic hand tools, a chisel and a hammer, to get the perfect sizes, shapes and edges while still maintaining the natural appeal of the stone. For some of our profiles we also add etching and tool marks. 

Once the stones are manicured to our liking, we experiment with different arrangements and test different molds and coloring until we are satisfied with a prototype and ready to produce a trial run of our new stone veneer profile. To ensure that our products meet performance standards, we do a testing period with various test installs before beginning mass production of any new profiles.

Other Ways We Develop Products

We appreciate any and all customer feedback and are more than happy to give customers what they want! Customer requests often influence the types of rock hunts that we go on, which in turn influences the types of new stone veneer products we develop. Customer feedback and continued demand also help us determine which products are definitely “keepers.” 


See a stone profile that you love, but not seeing it in the shade that’s commonly requested by your customers? Tell us! Trends are often a main driver for the stone types and colors that homeowners and businesses request. So if you’re getting certain requests, then it’s more than likely that other distributors are getting those requests, too. We want to set all of our distributors up for success by ensuring that our products hit the mark for your customers – both in terms of fulfilling stone veneer trends and the timeless looks. While we do our best to pay attention to which trends are taking hold, distributors have the most valuable insight, direct feedback from the customers!  

Featured Products


Country Rubble Profile

Consisting of hand picked stones in irregular shapes, our Country Rubble profile brings a rugged look to exteriors and interiors.

Barnstone Profile

Our Barnstone stone veneer profile features unique etching and tool marks that add a colonial appearance to exteriors, retaining walls and more.

Volterra Profile

A customer favorite, our Volterra stone veneer profile’s unique bed face textures and timeless colors have a classic appearance perfect for a wide range of projects.


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