Stone Fireplace Trends: Keeping Your Fireplace Modern

Living room with a fireplace, featuring Casa di Sassi's Matera Kwik Stack stone veneer.
One of the most traditional elements of any home is a stone fireplace. Modern, classic and vintage-inspired styles all benefit from the warmth and authenticity of a cozy stone fireplace design — and some of the latest home design trends cry out for the earthy tones and sumptuous texture of a fireplace made from natural materials.

If you’re thinking of including a fireplace in the new construction of your dream house or updating an existing stone fireplace, veneer products from Casa di Sassi are a great place to start. Thanks to our wide array of handcrafted profiles, the lighter weight of veneer versus natural stones and the manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the dazzling effect you can achieve with a stone veneer fireplace — as well as how far your dollars will stretch!

Read on for insight into what makes a stone fireplace modern, which stone veneer colors complement which design aesthetics, and how Casa di Sassi’s modern stone veneer selections can add long-term value and everyday beauty to your home.


Today’s interior and exterior design trends largely focus on dovetailing self-care with care for our shared planet. That can mean opting for a home spa instead of a home cinema or digging into indigenous plant species for maintenance-free landscaping that supports pollinators. It also means choosing greener building materials, which is where the lower environmental impact of manufactured stone veneer comes into play.

Stone fireplace design has never gone out of style — but the high environmental cost of harvesting stones from Mother Nature and transporting them across the globe, plus the expensive labor involved in installing stones, have made stone fireplaces seem too luxurious for many homeowners.

The fact is that brick, river stone, barn stone and stacked stone fireplaces are definitely in style today and will likely remain stylish in the foreseeable future. But one of the many benefits of using manufactured stone veneer in your home is the freedom to create a modern stone fireplace design that fits your unique aesthetic in a budget- and eco-friendly way.


Our skilled artisans work hard to create a variety of manufactured stone veneer types, designs and styles that mimic stones found in nature — while keeping in mind the current trends for color, texture and scale. That makes our modern stone veneers perfect for upgrading the look and feel of an existing hearth or designing a new stone veneer fireplace that appears authentically embedded in your home’s overall ambience.

Let’s dig into six of our fave stone veneer ideas for fireplaces that bring a modern sensibility to timeless comfort.


The monochromatic interior design concept goes back at least as far as the 1920s. Sticking with shades of one color helps a room feel clean, calm and cohesive. The key to keeping it modern is texture — making an all-white stone veneer fireplace the perfect centerpiece for a sleekly contemporary monochrome living room.

Our Niveo finish provides the crisp, cool tones to complement pale walls and furnishings. Choose this hue on our Brick profile for sweet symmetry and a historic effect. Opt for the Volterra profile to get more varied ruggedness and warmth. Finish the look with lots of greenery and other touches of nature, like jute floor coverings and woven throws.


Earth tones are trending right now — and you simply can’t get much earthier than a rugged stone fireplace! Cover yours in our Country Rubble profile to bring both tactile and visual texture into play. We offer three warm hues for this profile to help you find balance with brown, gray or a mix of undertones. If you prefer wood furnishings and rustic décor, a Country Rubble stone veneer fireplace will bring it all together. And if you’re looking to warm up a neutral room, this rustic stone fireplace design will anchor traditional or transitional pieces with its authentic look and feel.


Dark backsplashes have taken over kitchens this year, and their moody intensity is now spreading to our living spaces. Luckily, stacked stone fireplaces are in style, too, making our Kwik Stack profile a great choice to upgrade your den or great room. Envision the drama of our moody Carbone color palette on the clean yet craggy dry-stacked look of this modern stone veneer climbing up your chimney all the way to the ceiling! It’s also a great choice for incorporating an electric fireplace into your master suite with dramatic luxury.


Achieving a neutral room design that’s not boring is all about balance. You need light and dark shades of your chosen color, touches of rough and smooth texture, plus elements of both simple and complex composition. Find all this in two of our most popular profiles: Barnstone and Blends. With peaceful symmetry and a range of neutral tones, our Barnstone profile brings the timeless look of hand-milled stones to the ease and durability of modern stone veneer. This profile is equally at home in modern monochromatic spaces and those filled with a multitude of gray, brown or beige tones. Our Blends profile combines rough textures and dimensions with six available color palettes to pair with an array of neutral design ideas. Go with lighter or darker hues depending on your other furnishings, and let this gorgeous stone veneer fireplace bring everything together in balanced beauty.


Want an eye-catching focal point for your living, den or master suite? Consider a rugged stone veneer fireplace clad in our handsome Fieldstone profile. Inspired by gorgeous natural formations in the highlands of the New England states, this handsomely modern stone veneer features a wide variety of sizes and shapes that are hand-dressed for distinct edges in a tight-fitting configuration. Rich, earthy hues in three available palettes let you highlight red, brown or orange tones. Top it with a fireplace mantel design that suits your personal aesthetic: A barn beam mantel keeps the look rustic while a woodgrain mantel brings in a more polished effect, and a stone mantel lends an historic feel to any stone fireplace design.


The timeless appeal of mid century modern minimalism connects to some of our favorite stone veneer ideas for fireplace upgrades. Whether you’re going for the full-on vintage-inspired look with mid century furniture and finishings, or you simply want to add a classic touch to your transitional décor, stacked stone fireplaces exemplify this design aesthetic. Choose our EZ Ledge profile for crisp, clean symmetry in four color choices, including the very contemporary Niveo hue. Get a similarly stacked look with a softer edge in our Ledgestone profile, featuring a dimensional surface and a range of colors from neutral to bold.


Want the secret for how to buy manufactured stone veneer without regret? Find a reputable, U.S.-based manufacturer with a wide-ranging network of reliable distributors and an array of authentic-looking, durable products — like Casa di Sassi! Let our decades of experience handcrafting top-quality modern stone veneer in the heart of Ohio help you achieve the breathtaking stone veneer designs you’ve been dreaming about. From the benefits of professional stone veneer installation to the peace of mind of our 50-year warranty, we’re your go-to source for cutting-edge stone veneer ideas, products and service.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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