What is the Process for Making Manufactured Stone Veneer?

Submitted by FSM on Tue, 04/19/2022 - 2:34pm

Casa di Sassi’s manufactured stone veneer gives homeowners the look and style of natural stone while also offering the benefits of an engineered building material. We are always looking for opportunities to create new stone veneer profiles in line with industry trends and customer demand.

The design inspiration for our stone veneer is natural stone. Coupled with our innovative manufacturing process, we are able to mimic its appearance with precision and style. A key element of our product development process is what we like to call rock hunts. Our stone connoisseurs at Casa di Sassi are known to pull over to the side of the road when they spot an impressive rock or striking piece of architecture. We even scour rock quarries and stones salvaged from old structures to find the stones that we’re interested in replicating and turning into Casa profiles.

During our stone veneer manufacturing process, we mix Portland cement and aggregates with oxides for color, then pour the mix into molds made from hand selected and manicured natural stone. The result is finished pieces of manufactured stone that look like real stone with a flat back.

Once a stone is manicured to our liking, we experiment with different arrangements and test different molds and coloring until the final design meets our standards. Next, we produce a trial run of our new stone veneer profile. A testing period using multiple simulated installations ensures our stone is up to the job. Once a profile passes all of these tests, we begin manufacturing our new design for distribution!

What are the advantages of manufactured stone veneer?

Manufactured stone veneer has advantages over natural stone, including color consistency. It can be difficult to find enough natural stones with consistent color for an entire project, but manufactured stone veneer allows us to create the exact color you want and to replicate that color for all pieces used in the project.

Another benefit of the stone veneer manufacturing process is that we can create consistent profiles for the pieces used in your project. Natural stones often possess variations in their surfaces that make it difficult to create a consistent, cohesive aesthetic. Unlike natural stone, manufactured stone veneers offer the ability to customize each piece so they fit seamlessly together, creating exactly the look you want for your space.

When it comes to installation, manufactured stone veneer significantly simplifies the process. Natural stones come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, often necessitating cutting to get pieces that fit into spaces such as the edge of a wall. Using manufactured stone ensures that pieces will fit as needed, facilitating an easier installation process.

One of the many benefits of using manufactured stone veneer is that it can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. It’s durable and lighter than natural stone, but produces the same rustic, old-world look for your porch, patio, bar, stove backsplash or other space. Another benefit is that manufactured stone can mimic the look of other popular building materials such as tile, brick and wood, making it a versatile material.

Casa di Sassi Stone Veneer Manufacturer

Casa di Sassi is an Ohio-based stone veneer manufacturer with the highest standard for our manufactured stone products. We’re a family-owned business specializing in creatic a classic, old-world Italian style. Good isn’t good enough when it comes to our products. There are a lot of manufactured stone veneers available on the market, but Casa di Sassi crafts our products to a higher standard to ensure that your next project looks amazing and lasts for years to come.