Stone Veneer Types for Every Aesthetic

Manufactured stone veneer is a beautiful and cost-effective choice for upgrading your home’s interior or exterior design. Not only is it a lightweight, versatile and durable material, but there are many stone veneer styles to choose from, making it perfect for enhancing nearly any house aesthetic.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the many types of stone veneer available and wondering how to choose the best one to match your personal style, you’re in the right place!

The rock-hunting pros at Casa di Sassi love discussing the various types, designs and styles of manufactured stone veneer. Our nearly two decades of experience crafting stone veneers that rival the textures and colors of stones found in nature has taught us volumes. So we put together this guide on how to decorate with stone, house styles that look good clad in stone and which profiles complement various architectural and interior design aesthetics.

Read on for insight into finding the perfect Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer profile to match your personal or house aesthetic!


Want to know how to buy stone veneer without regret? It’s as easy as one, two, three:

  • Nail down your house’s aesthetic: Are you in a Victorian mansion, a midcentury split-level, or a traditional colonial two-story home? The architectural design of your home plays a big role in choosing a veneer for exterior stone wall styles.
  • Get in touch with your personal style: Do you like symmetry and order in your home? Or are you more comfortable with an eclectic vibe that’s a little messy? Are you drawn to all things new and modern? Or do you prefer a vintage or traditional style of furnishings? Understanding your own tastes helps you determine which stone veneer ideas dovetail with the rest of your interior design.
  • Find a reputable stone veneer manufacturer with lots of choices: Once you’re clear on the look and feel you want to achieve with stone veneer, you’re ready to browse stone veneer styles with confidence.

Understanding your own style and the architectural aesthetic of your house makes sorting through stone veneer types much easier. A quick internet search can help you find the terminology that describes your family’s aesthetic, house style and design vision — which allows you to communicate clearly with the stone manufacturer, your contractor or the project installation crew.


Looking to increase curb appeal with manufactured stone veneer details on your home’s exterior? That’s a great idea! And it’ll work out beautifully if you link your stone veneer idea to the existing features of your home.

Here’s a breakdown of many popular home style types paired with Casa di Sassi profiles we think make good sense:


This sweet house aesthetic reminds us of a doll’s house: curlicue trim around doors and windows, bright colors, asymmetric design elements. A strong dose of symmetry can offset those complex features, so opt for stone veneer styles with clean lines and a historic appearance, like our Brick profile. Choose Rosso color for a traditional effect or Niveo for a more modern feel.


Just like our melting-pot society, American architecture is a mix of classic elements with a contemporary attitude. Split-level ranch homes and two-story houses with a wide front porch and very little ornamentation are great examples. Make yours stand out from the pack with a bold façade in our rich Limestone profile of stone veneer — or try landscaping with stone veneer on a garden retaining wall or border wall along a long driveway for a classic American look.


Originating in the post-World War II era, mid century modern design is all about clean lines, pleasing geometry and a strong sense of forward movement. Any one-story home with a flat roof echoes the midcentury look, but you can make your home modern with manufactured stone veneer accents that feature a mid century feel. Combine a mortarless profile like EZ Ledge on a chimney or lower façade section with cedar shingles or vinyl siding in a rich hue like navy for Frank Lloyd Wright-level mid century magic.


The idea of “contemporary” architecture can be confusing because it changes with the times. It generally refers to whatever home style types are currently popular, which means anything from a multi-story mansion to a 21st-century bungalow. Exterior home design trends for 2023 include mixing up earthy materials and adding texture to a traditional white façade. Our Volterra profile in a rich hue like Turin pairs beautifully with exposed wood beams or other textural elements while the Old World stone veneer style in crisp Niveo color adds depth and interest to an all-white home.


A wraparound porch, steeply pitched roof gables and asymmetrical design are defining characteristics of the farmhouse style. Whether yours is an actual farm building or you simply love the homespun country look, manufactured stone veneer can help achieve this house aesthetic. Go rustic with our Fieldstone profile in any of its three rich, earthy hues on your home’s entire front — or just around the front entrance with the rest of the house clad in vertical siding for a more updated feel.


Italian architecture and stone veneer are a match made in heaven — at least, that’s what the Romans would say. Bring the time-tested appeal of classical, Romanesque, gothic or renaissance architecture to your humble abode with creative stone veneer ideas. Cover columns with a small-scale profile like Brick or Kwik Stack for an Italianate look in the garden or on the veranda. Create an Italian arch over your driveway with richly hued Limestone for an instantly Roman effect. Get a Mediterranean-inspired house aesthetic with a bold façade enhanced by the classic appearance of our Volterra profile.


The benefits of manufactured stone veneer inside your home include an enhanced everyday experience and a high ROI when it’s time to list it. Whether you’re looking to zhuzh up the den for cozier game nights or revamp the kitchen for higher resale value, these interior stone veneer ideas help bring your personal aesthetic to light.


It doesn’t matter if you live near the shoreline or deep inland — a coastal beach vibe brings that vacation feeling home all year. Get a breezy, natural feel with our Blends profile on an accent wall or fireplace surrounded by cool, watery paint colors on the walls and quirky nautical objects as décor. The variations in stone size, texture and dimension lends natural warmth to any seaside-themed room.


Somewhere between traditional and contemporary stone house styles, the transitional look is a real crowd-pleaser. Pair traditional furnishings with a neutral color palette, then mix in a few modern details to bring it all together. Our Yorkshire profile is a great choice for balancing the look, thanks to its uniform shapes, discreet coloring and timeless design. Choosing where to install stone veneer is key to pulling off the look. Try it on your kitchen island to warm up a monochromatic color scheme or wrap it around the master suite tub for an unexpected touch of opulent ruggedness.


The Grandmillenial look is basically an updated take on eclectic interior design — and it makes us smile all over with its sweet embrace of maximalism and upcycling. Pair those overstuffed chairs and Grandma’s china cabinet with the mid century look of our Kwik Stack profile for a timeless yet trendy effect. Choose the Carbone color for deep drama, Matera for a neutral backdrop or Niveo for a more contemporary and airy aesthetic.


With a slightly more elevated look than the farmhouse aesthetic, houses that embrace a shabby-chic interior design welcome relaxation and individuality. Go for the most authentic effect with our Country Rubble profile on an accent wall or kitchen backsplash. The irregularly shaped stones and rugged textures create delightful contrast with crystal-laden chandeliers, painted wood furnishings and sumptuous textiles.


If you’ve got an open floor plan, lots of natural light and a penchant for steampunk, the industrial home décor style type may be right for you. Heighten the drama of metal and wood accents by choosing the timeless beauty of our Granite profile to complete a minimalist industrial look. Its rugged texture and neutral hue work particularly well in bathroom stone veneer design ideas, so consider a sweeping tub surround, featuring a refurbished clawfoot tub and bold steel fixtures, of course.


Remodeling a home with manufactured stone veneer brings a world of possibilities to your vintage-inspired aesthetic. House styles from any era benefit from the warmth and authenticity of stone walls or details. From strictly Victorian to mid century modern to Hollywood Regency to 1980s glam, there’s a stone veneer type to complete any vintage look. Choose mortared profiles like Brick and Yorkshire to add calming symmetry to your eclectic décor. Go bold with rugged profiles like Fieldstone and Old World to bring a modern contrast to elegant and refined antique furnishings. Our mortarless looks, like Ledgestone, complement everything from vintage mid century bar carts to sumptuous velvet sofas that evoke the Golden Age of the silver screen.


Ready to match your house’s aesthetic and home décor style with the unique and luxurious stone veneer types at Casa di Sassi? Find a trusted distributor in your area or contact us today to get started elevating your home’s interior or exterior with these fabulous stone veneer design ideas.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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