Benefits Of Purchasing Quality Stone Veneer From Casa Di Sassi

Casa di Sassi stone veneers bring Old World authenticity to your home. You already know that, though, from your search for answers to questions about manufactured stone veneer, which led you here. After all, finding the highest quality veneer stone products is key to ensuring your reno project fulfills all your domestic dreams.

Casa di Sassi has been handcrafting gorgeous stone veneer in the heart of Ohio since 2005. We’re committed to helping homeowners create unique, eye-catching and durable stone details in and around their homes.

But is our manufactured stone veneer different from the products you find on the shelves of big-box stores? There are lots of manufactured stone veneer companies out there — so how can you know if you’re buying stone veneer that’s really top quality?

Let’s look at what sets Casa di Sassi stone products apart from the competition, how to measure the quality of veneer stone options, and where to buy veneer stone materials that meet your high standards


Buying stone veneer without regret involves more than simply selecting the aesthetics that please your eye. You also need to choose quality stone veneer made by a reputable manufacturer who is willing to stand behind its products — because those stone details are going to be part of your everyday life for a long time. And while saving a few dollars on the front end may seem like a good idea today, the repercussions of buying stone veneer that’s cheaply made will impact all your family’s tomorrows.

Here are five reasons Casa di Sassi is your best choice for manufactured stone veneer that not only looks fabulous but delivers peace of mind for the long haul.



Where do you see yourself in 50 years? Think your family will still be in the house you’re renovating or building? Or do you envision eventually listing it with a realtor, snagging a hefty asking price and moving on to the next chapter of your life?

Casa di Sassi understands how complicated homeownership can be. That’s why we back all our Casa stone products with a 50-year warranty against manufacturer defects — and it applies to both the original purchaser and subsequent owners of your house. You read that right: When you sell your house, the Casa di Sassi stone veneer warranty continues to cover those stone accents for the buyer. Now that’s added value!


One of the most complex aspects of choosing manufactured stone veneer for your home is figuring out where to buy veneer stone without incurring excessive delivery fees. Even though quality stone veneer weighs less than natural stones, it can get pricey to ship these products across the country. The manufactured stone veneer companies you see on big-box store shelves often skimp on quality to make up for their shipping costs.

Casa di Sassi partners with a nationwide network of small- to medium-sized businesses that specialize in the masonry industry as trusted distributors of our products. That means you can find quality stone veneer locations near you that are owned and run by experts on everything from style selection to installation.


Casa di Sassi stone products are inspired by nature, and we take very seriously our responsibility for protecting that inspiration. Many people think the word “manufactured” somehow means a product is harder on the environment than something called “natural.” So it may surprise you to learn that the environmental impact of manufactured stone veneer is actually quite lower than that of quarrying and transporting natural stones.

Stone quarries often wreak havoc on their immediate environs through erosion, chemical runoff and habitat loss. Manufactured stone companies like Casa di Sassi, on the other hand, work in controlled facilities where efforts to conserve resources, decrease waste and reduce our overall carbon footprint make the process much cleaner. Plus, our lightweight stone products require less time, energy and effort for transportation, delivery and installation, making Casa stone the environmentally friendlier choice.


Most of those tempting products on big-box store shelves have one thing in common: the phrase “made in China” or “made in India.” If you’re trying to put more American-made items in your home, buying top-quality veneer stone from Casa di Sassi is a great place to start. All Casa stone veneers are handmade in the USA using local cement, aggregate materials and mineral oxides as pigments. You can feel good about fueling the domestic economy and supporting small businesses by choosing Casa di Sassi over manufactured stone veneer companies that ship in their products or materials from overseas.


Casa di Sassi stone veneer profiles are carefully crafted to deliver a variety of aesthetics. Our rock experts are continuously inspired by old buildings and Mother Nature to create new looks grounded in timeless beauty. Whether yours is a rustic farmhouse, a mid century modern split-level, an imposing Victorian manse or a sleek and contemporary new build, you’ll find a Casa stone profile to elevate and enhance its architecture. Add pleasing symmetry with traditional Brick or more modern Yorkshire profiles. Achieve a stylish dry stack look with EZ Ledge, Kwik Stack or Ledgestone. Bring in warm, rustic notes with Barnstone, Fieldstone or Old World profiles. Texturize any space with Blends or Country Rubble, and embrace a naturally contemporary vibe with Granite or Volterra.


Now that you see the benefits of buying stone veneer from Casa di Sassi, you’re ready to set your project in motion. Contact us today for help finding trusted Casa dealers in your neighborhood that can help bring your vision of manufactured stone veneer perfection to life!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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