Details & Answers to Questions About Manufactured Stone Veneer

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Frequent Questions About Stone Veneer

Whether you’re having your dream home built as new construction or upgrading your beloved older house to your modern taste, manufactured stone veneer is a great choice. Many first-timers have questions about choosing and buying stone veneer that will fit their budget and aesthetic vision.

Let’s dive into all the nitty-gritty manufactured stone veneer details —with answers and advice from the seasoned pros at Casa di Sassi.

What is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is a relatively thin wall treatment product that can be applied to many vertical substrates to create the look and feel of real stone. Some types of stone veneer are made of thin slices of actual stone attached to metal mesh, but these tend to be prohibitively heavy and difficult to install. Manufactured stone veneer, on the other hand, is made from lighter materials like concrete and pigments that are poured into carefully crafted molds for a realistic appearance without the weight.

How is Manufactured Stone Veneer Made?

The process of making manufactured stone veneer begins with a rock hunt. Our designers find inspiration from boulders in the wild, quarries and time-tested buildings. When they find something so striking that it would elevate someone’s home, we meticulously handcraft a mold that represents its features and characteristics. Our molds reflect the nuanced variety present in natural stone, so they never have that cookie-cutter look that comes off as fake. We add mineral pigments for realistic color, then experiment with various arrangements and simulated installations until all the stone veneer details meet our high standards.

What Types of Stone Veneer Are Available?

Casa di Sassi offers an array of manufactured stone veneer profiles to complement a variety of aesthetic preferences. From the rugged and rustic feel of Country Rubble to the uniform symmetry of Brick to the versatile combination of clean lines and rugged texture found in Yorkshire, it’s a breeze to incorporate stone veneer on houses of virtually any architectural style. Also available are various accessories that bring definition and character to stone veneer details, like wall caps and hearthstones. Depending on whether you want dramatic visuals, tons of texture or an authentic look, there’s a stone veneer type for every project.

Is Stone Veneer Durable?

As with any building material, there are pros and cons of manufactured stone veneer — and its durability checks the pro column in a big way. Casa di Sassi backs its products with a 50-year warranty against blistering, peeling and flaking as a result of manufacturing defects when they’ve been properly installed. We’re so confident your Casa di Sassi stone veneer details will look just as beautiful decades from now as they do today that our warranty transfers to subsequent owners of your home — which can be a great selling point when the time comes.

Is Manufactured Stone Veneer Expensive?

Compared to the cost of installing real bricks or masonry stone, manufactured stone veneer is incredibly affordable for most budgets. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how far your dollars can go if your heart is set on a stone kitchen backsplash or accent wall. Plus, the ROI on home remodel projects skyrockets when you choose stone veneer details like a fire pit surround or indoor fireplace wall. That combination of upfront savings and long-term return on investment make buying stone veneer a smart choice.

Is Stone Veneer Eco-Friendly?

If the term “manufactured” gives you the idea that stone veneer is wasteful or excessively polluting, think again! The environmental impact of stone veneer is far lower than that of quarrying and transporting natural stone, which is inherently invasive and often causes erosion, chemical runoff and other ecologically devastating effects in and around the quarry. The carefully controlled process of creating manufactured stone veneer, on the other hand, allows Casa di Sassi and others to conserve energy, decrease waste and responsibly contain and dispose of any scrap or detritus.

Where Can I Buy Stone Veneer Near Me?

Buying stone veneer from a reputable distributor is key to being sure you’re getting a top-quality product and stress-free installation. Some of our profiles are available for direct purchase from our website for homeowners that enjoy the DIY route. You can also search for where to buy stone veneer in your hometown with our user-friendly online tool for locating expert stone retailers who know our products and can help guide you to the best choice. It’s always best to see and touch the stone veneer details in person before you commit to a purchase.

Installing Stone Veneer

Should I Install My Own Stone Veneer?

If you’re an experienced mason or contractor who’s successfully completed major remodeling work in the past, you may feel comfortable undertaking the installation of stone veneer details — especially if it’s a small project like a kitchen backsplash. Our step-by-step guide to building a stone accent wall may give you insight into whether you should install your own stone veneer details or hire a professional. If it were up to us? We’d go the pro route for the peace of mind that the project will be completed quickly with minimal mess and maximum perfection.

What's the Process for Installing Stone Veneer?

A Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer profile installation involves three basic steps:

  1. Substrate Prep - Stone veneer can be installed over drywall, wood, metal paneling or existing masonry. Water-resistant barriers and either 18-gauge woven wire mesh or metal lathe must be attached to cover the entire surface.
  2. Scratch Coat & Veneer Application - Mortar applied to the substrate is texturized and allowed to set up for several hours. This is the “scratch” coat to which the stone veneer adheres.
  3. Grout - After the veneer is installed and has been allowed to dry, the spaces between rock faces are usually filled with grout for a finished look. Profiles with a “dry-stack” look, like Kwik Stack and EZ Ledge, may not require grout.

Why Should I Choose Casa di Sassi Manufactured Stone Veneer?

Casa di Sassi is a family-owned business committed to elevating the building industry with unique, top-quality manufactured stone veneer products. We’re rooted in the heart of Ohio, serving the world with Midwestern integrity and honesty. But don’t just take our word for it! See what other homeowners have to say about their experience with Casa di Sassi distributors and how our stone veneer details elevate both their everyday experience and their home’s resale value.

Where Can Stone Veneer Be Used?

Can stone veneer be installed over drywall? What about wood structures like cabinets and kitchen islands? Can stone veneer details be used on outdoor structures? The short answer to all these questions is yes. Longer answers cover the difference between classic stone veneer details and more contemporary design ideas for stone veneer. Both indoor and outdoor spaces can benefit from the sumptuous look and timeless durability of manufactured stone veneer.

Exterior Uses of Stone Veneer

Need to increase your home’s curb appeal before listing it? Tired of your home’s outdated façade? Looking for a way to make your new build reflect a timeless yet modern aesthetic? Manufactured stone veneer can do all that and more! Here are some great ideas for using stone veneer on houses as a focal point or luxurious enhancement:

  • Mix stone veneer details with exposed beams or wood shingles for a contemporary entryway
  • Cover one or two exterior walls in stone veneer to add depth and dimension to conventional siding
  • Add stone columns to the front porch for a stately look
  • Elevate al fresco entertaining with an outdoor kitchen, stone fireplace or brick fire pit
  • Define walkways or landscaping beds with stone walls
  • Level up your garage with a stone veneer facelift that complements your home’s style

Interior Uses of Stone Veneer

Update your home’s indoor spaces with these interior design stone trends for 2023:

  • Dark backsplashes that complement granite or quartz countertops
  • Tactile textures on a foyer accent wall or fireplace
  • Warm color palettes for an elegant feel in the master bath, den or guestroom