Modern Home Design Featuring Stone Veneer

Casa di Sassi stone veneer fireplace decorated for the holidays.

When people plan their modern dream home, they often overlook stone veneer as part of the design. The reason is simple. Many homeowners think that stone is only used for traditional or rustic building styles. Architects and designers are finally changing people’s minds. One reason for this is the popularity of mid-century modernism – the decades-old design aesthetic that’s made a big comeback.

The resurgence of mid-century style is influencing stone’s popularity in current home designs. The clean, linear elements that define modernism are complemented by stone that features smooth lines and a neutral – often monochrome – color palette. Profiles featuring long, sleek, evenly stacked stones add impact to modern exterior and interior surfaces. For simplicity and elegance, shades of beige, gray and white stone work best at achieving a modern vibe.

Want to add modern flair to your home? Casa di Sassi has modern veneer stone in styles and colors to give exterior walls and interior spaces a fresh new look.


Why use manufactured stone?

Before we talk about how you can use stone for a modern home makeover, let’s discuss why you should choose manufactured stone (AKA faux stone) over other materials. When you compare today’s faux stone veneers to their closest cousin, natural stone, the greatest advantage of manufactured stone is how lightweight it is. Because manufactured stone weighs significantly less than natural stone, it can be applied to a wider variety of surfaces, including expansive interior walls.

Another advantage of faux stone versus natural is its affordability. Manufactured products typically cost less than similar-looking natural products. For the same budget, you can install more faux stone throughout your home and have more impressive end results. And when it comes to looks, today’s man made veneers look virtually indistinguishable from real stone due to recent advances in the manufacturing process.

Modern Home Makeover Ideas

In simple terms, faux stone is a huge trend right now (with timeless appeal), so it’s definitely worth using for upcoming home projects. As for modern makeover ideas, let’s start outside, then work our way indoors. If your home already has modern architectural features, the addition of faux stone is a great way to highlight particular areas. From the entryway, to the attached garage, then along the lower front exterior, a modern home’s clean lines and geometric shapes will gain massive curb appeal when beautifully updated with the right stone.

Modern home interiors usually have plenty of wall space to work with when deciding where stone will go. In the living room, floor to ceiling stone turns a blank, boring wall into a design focal point. A modern stone veneer fireplace is a popular design idea that will always be in style. Want something more subtle? Add simple, stacked stone to unexpected spots, like along a kitchen wall, or down a long hallway. Small details make a big difference!

When choosing the right stone for your modern home, think about shape and color. Modern design’s simple lines and clean shapes work best with rectangular, square, or stacked stones, and uniform color patterns. The following Casa di Sassi stone profiles are customer favorites, and they’re considered top choices for modern design:



Our popular Volterra profile features square and rectangular stones shaped together in precise linear patterns. This arrangement is perfect for complementing other modern design elements. The striking off-white color, known as Niveo, is what really makes this profile distinctive. It looks and feels fresh, light, cool, and contemporary. Use Niveo Volterra on exterior facades to make dark architectural details stand out. And apply it indoors to give accent walls subtle texture.



The first thing people seem to notice about our Kwik Stack profile is how it “stacks” up in precise, even lines. Many rectangular shaped stones are pieced into larger panels with a dry-stack, virtually mortar-free look. Off-white Niveo gives the natural-cut stone edges a strikingly modern appearance. From fireplace surrounds to outdoor patio areas, Niveo Kwik Stack’s unique features are made for highlighting your home’s modern design.



EZ Ledge’s rectangular shapes and distinct symmetrical patterns are what modern design is all about. This stunning profile is “classic” mid-century modern, and its subtle gray-to-beige color palette, known as Matera, will never go out of style. Highlight wood finishes indoors and smooth exteriors outdoors with one of our most in-demand modern veneer stones.


For every architectural style that’s out there, including modern, Casa di Sassi can provide the best choices of manufactured stone veneer. Our profiles are inspired by hand-picked stones from all over the world, and feature versatile, easy-to-install designs. All of our stone products are manufactured with close attention to quality and are backed by an industry-leading 50 year warranty. Ready to start your modern home makeover? Contact us today.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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