Advantages of Integrating Stone Veneer Into Your Exterior Aesthetic

Thinking about using stone for exterior house upgrades? Wondering whether your brick-and-mortar business could benefit from a veneer stone exterior treatment? Not sure whether top-quality stone veneer is worth the investment?

You’re in the right place! The stone-cold pros at Casa di Sassi have nearly 20 years of experience crafting stone veneers that look and feel like the real thing. We’ve seen some of the most jaw-dropping effects created when people enhance their store or house fronts with stone veneers from our collections. And we love sharing our knowledge about high-quality stone veneer profiles!

Let’s dig into a few of the questions we hear the most, like:

  • Why is exterior stone veneer a better choice than some other siding options?
  • Where can stone veneer be used?
  • What are the advantages of using stone veneer in residential and commercial exterior design?
  • How can you be sure you’re getting the best quality stone veneer?

Why Choose Stone Veneer Over Other Exterior Options?

When it comes to enhancing your home or business exterior, stone veneer is one of many options. Why does it trump siding choices like vinyl, kilned brick or cedar shingles? The answer lies in the details about manufactured stone veneer, like its lower impact on the environment and incredibly authentic appearance.

If you’re looking to achieve the rugged, natural look of stone for the exterior of a house or business, Casa di Sassi stone veneers are the best choice. Not only are our profiles durable and cost-effective, but they are designed to rival the look of stones found in nature. Plus, you might be surprised at the versatility of veneer stone exterior applications!

Where Can Manufactured Stone Veneer Be Used?

Manufactured stone veneer can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications – and in both residential and commercial settings. It’s fine to install our stone veneers on drywall, cement block, sheetrock and other vertical surfaces. So long as it’s installed correctly (we’ll get into more about that in a minute), a stone veneer exterior project can stand up to the elements in style.

Commercial Exterior Stone Ideas

Exterior stone veneer adds a sense of luxury and solidity to any business. It also amps up your company’s visibility, brings in a modern aesthetic and requires very little maintenance. Some of our favorite exterior business design ideas for stone veneer include:

  • Entryway accents that extend a warm welcome
  • Columns or arches that create a historic look
  • Elevated outdoor spaces that invite employees or customers to enjoy the fresh air

Residential Veneer Stone Exterior Ideas

Stone home exteriors fit nicely with today’s home design trends. That’s because today’s trends are all about texture, warm neutral colors and a sense of integrating with nature. Our faves of the latest stone veneer trends for your home include:

  • Creating a spa-like feel in outdoor living spaces
  • Pairing stone veneer with wood siding in shades of blue for a serene effect
  • Adding a timeless quality to your home’s facade

What Are the Advantages of Using Stone Veneer for Exterior Design?

Making your home or business stand out can be a challenge. When you choose stone veneer for the exterior of a house or business, you’re making a noticeable statement – and getting some great advantages! They include:


The craftspeople at Casa di Sassi take immense pride in creating profiles with the texture and appearance of stones found in nature. However, the benefits of purchasing quality stone veneer from Casa di Sassi go beyond aesthetics. All our profiles are handcrafted right here in the United States. Our national network of trusted distributors ensures you’ll have an easy time finding our products. And we take care to offer both traditional and contemporary profiles, so you can achieve the effect you desire.


Natural stones and kilned bricks weigh a ton – and that makes them a poor choice for eye-catching exterior stone projects with height and breadth. It’s important to know where to install stone veneer and where to avoid it, like horizontal spaces that are frequently covered with water or come into contact with pool or de-icing chemicals. But a veneer stone exterior storefront, home facade or outdoor fireplace with a chimney that soars to the rafters are all projects that showcase the versatility of our stone veneers.


You can expect your Casa di Sassi veneer stone exterior to stay looking great for a long time. After all, we stand behind our properly installed manufactured stone veneers with a 50-year warranty against peeling, flaking, delaminating, excessive cracking and other age-related problems. It’s important to consider whether your local climate and stone veneer’s durability are compatible, but a seasoned installation professional can make sure your stone home exterior or storefront will stand the test of time.


Have you shied away from choosing stone for the exterior of a house or business because you thought it was too pricey? Well, get ready to be happy! Thanks to the manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage over natural stones and kilned bricks, your dollars go further than you expect on the exterior stone upgrade you crave! Our profiles are lightweight, which makes them more cost-effective to transport than those heavier building materials. And the ease of installing exterior stone veneers typically means a speedier installation, which translates to lower labor costs.

Easy Installation

Speaking of easier installations: Stonemasons love working on exterior stone projects that feature Casa di Sassi products! We design our profiles to facilitate a faster installation process than natural stones, which require a lot of heavy lifting and the laborious process of picking through irregular shapes to find the one that fits – over and over and over. We still highly recommend the benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers to achieve the most flawless finish, avoid unforeseen problems and get great advice on placement and accessories. But overall, you’ll be able to enjoy your commercial or residential exterior stone veneer installation in less time than you might imagine!

Embrace the Elegance and Versatility of Exterior Stone Veneer

Feeling inspired to embrace the authentic look, stylish texture and amazing value of Casa di Sassi veneer stone for the exterior of your home or business? You’ve made the right choice! Our new stone veneer manufacturing facility has increased our production and quality-control capabilities, making it even easier to find our products at trusted distributors across the country. Contact us today for help connecting with a stone veneer pro or selecting the perfect profile for your exterior stone project.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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