Elevating Your Business with Captivating Exterior Wall Designs

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Exterior Wall Design Ideas to Elevate Your Business

Looking for business design ideas that can add curb appeal to your office building? Wondering whether a stone veneer exterior is worth the investment for your company? Not sure how to get the best ROI from a manufactured stone veneer exterior design job on your commercial building?

You’re in the right place! The pros at Casa di Sassi have tons of commercial building exterior design ideas for attracting customers, impressing clients and building your brand identity. Our decades of experience in the building industry have given us unique insight into the importance of first impressions — and the huge role that a top-quality stone veneer exterior can play in that initial encounter.

Whether yours is a retail store, a restaurant, a healthcare facility or a corporate headquarters, stone veneer details can elevate the appearance of your business without putting your budget in the red.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a stone veneer exterior, the ways climate affects stone veneer’s durability and the pricing advantage of manufactured stone veneer exteriors. Then we’ll dig into some of our favorite modern stone veneer exterior ideas for making your business stand out from the competition!

Why Add Stone Veneer Exterior Details to a Brick-and-Mortar Locale?

Nearly every business uses the internet in some capacity, and about one-third of all business transactions occur online. So, does it make sense to upgrade the look of your brick-and-mortar locale? The in-person experience still matters to most people, in terms of both connecting to others and enjoying the tactile pleasures of shopping. Plus, a big lesson we all learned from the recent public health crisis is that most businesses do better with a combination of virtual and real-world options.

The benefits of using manufactured stone veneer in business design ideas on your building’s exterior include:

Increased Visibility

The three elements that attract customers to a brick-and-mortar business are the same as the three main features of manufactured stone veneer: texture, color and inspiration! The rugged texture and natural hues infused into our stone veneer profiles provide pleasing contrast to more traditional materials, like siding or architectural panels. Whether you’re mixing materials for a contemporary feel or going with a full stone veneer exterior, your business will stand out from its neighbors — making your brand more visible to passersby and more accessible to potential customers.

A Modern Aesthetic

There are Casa di Sassi stone veneer types for every aesthetic, so we’re sure there’s one that fits with your branding. Create mid century modern magic with our dry-stack profiles or go more traditional with a symmetrical mortared option. Get dramatic with deep rich colors that pair beautifully with exposed wood beams and other rustic features. From the historic appeal of a Victorian house to the bold look of Italian architecture to the clean, uncluttered lines of contemporary design, a manufactured stone veneer exterior can be anything you want it to be.

Minimal Maintenance

The last thing your business needs is an exterior design job that requires frequent, detailed maintenance. You and your employees will all rejoice when you learn how to clean manufactured stone veneer with a quick hose-off or wipe-down. So long as your high-quality Casa di Sassi stone veneer details are installed properly with careful attention to placement and water barriers, you’ll enjoy a naturally luxurious look for the long haul. How can you be sure? Our 50-year transferable warranty against blistering, peeling, flaking, delaminating and cracking delivers long-term peace of mind.

Money Savings on the Look of Luxury

A brick or stone building façade looks luxurious — but transporting those incredibly heavy materials is very costly, as is bringing in masons to accomplish their complicated, messy and time-consuming installation. But thanks to the manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage over natural stones and kiln-fired bricks, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how far your budget can stretch! Get the same rich, sumptuous effect with a well-designed stone veneer exterior at a fraction of the price.

Commercial Building Exterior Design Ideas Using Stone Veneer

The key to achieving a flawless modern stone veneer exterior for your business is twofold: Start with an appropriate stone veneer design, then trust the pros to make it happen. We cannot overstate the benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers for your commercial application. They’ll make sure the project is completed to your exact specifications, all the mess is contained, and your clients, customers and colleagues stay safe throughout the process.

Now for the fun part! Here are some of our best stone veneer exterior ideas for making your business stand out with a unique, natural look:

Accent the Entryway

Welcome guests or visitors with warmth by adding stone veneer details to your company’s entryway. You’ve only got one chance to make a great first impression, and a traditional or modern stone veneer exterior will do the job nicely. Combine stone veneer with existing features, like exposed wood beams or partial siding, for the added visual interest of mixed materials. Or go for the full manufactured stone veneer exterior to make a modern building appear more established and integrated into its environment.

Add Columns or Arches

Give your restaurant, spa or design firm a more historic look by pairing Italian architecture and stone veneer design. A pair of columns flanking the entrance to the parking lot or building evokes the grand presence of iconic structures like the Coliseum. Arches over walkways, garden beds or doorways lend a sense of significance to your company campus. Build these features from inexpensive materials, like cement blocks, then level up their unsightliness with the rich colors and textures of a manufactured stone veneer exterior.

Amplify Use of Outdoor Spaces

Our commercial building exterior design ideas extend beyond the walls of your business! Once you understand the best options for where to install stone veneer and where to avoid — like areas exposed to constant moisture or applications prohibited by local building codes — you can explore ways to integrate your outdoor spaces into your interior design concepts. Make an outdoor dining area as opulent as the inside of your restaurant with a stone veneer exterior wall anchoring a rustic wood pergola. Give your employees a refreshing al fresco lounge by adding stone veneer designs to patio walls. You can even level up your landscaping with stone veneer details on low garden walls or impressive columns that make your plantings pop.

Consider Stone Veneer Details and Accessories

Making the most of your ambitious exterior business design ideas means paying attention to the details that bring it all together. That’s how stone veneer accessories level up your project! Whether you choose stone wall caps for your columns or retaining walls, keystones for a more impressive archway entrance or a fireproof mantel for the safest outdoor fireplace feature, these finishing touches can mean the difference between a cheap-looking application that falls flat and a high-end look that’s truly spectacular.

Manufactured Stone Veneer Options From Casa di Sassi

Feeling inspired by these commercial building exterior design ideas? Ready to elevate your brand with a modern stone veneer exterior that stands apart from your competition? Reap all the benefits of purchasing top-quality stone veneer from Casa di Sassi, like artisanal quality that’s handcrafted in the U.S. and a nationwide network of reliable distributors. Contact us today to get started making your ideal exterior design job a reality for your business!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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