How To Buy Stone Veneer Without Regret


Manufactured stone veneer brings a world of possibilities to your home. Once you’ve decided to add the visual and textural appeal of stone to your reno or new-build project, figuring out where to buy stone veneer may seem intimidating.

How do you know you’re choosing a reputable distributor? What types of stone veneer deliver long-lasting quality and a high-end look? Which stone veneer profile will fit with your home’s aesthetic? How much does stone veneer cost? Who knows how to install stone veneer properly so that it will enhance your home for decades?

The pros at Casa di Sassi have seen it all in our nearly two decades of crafting unique, realistic manufactured stone veneer profiles.

Read on for our tips on how to select and buy stone veneer without regret


You’ve likely come to the decision of including manufactured stone veneer in your home by reflecting on your personal tastes and budget. But there are more pros and cons of stone veneer than affordable prices and breathtaking prettiness — both of which it has in spades.

Here are 5 things to consider on your journey to a beautiful, useful and ultimately profitable interior or exterior stone veneer addition to your home:

Living room with a fireplace, featuring Casa di Sassi's Matera Kwik Stack stone veneer.


The first images that spring to mind when you think of stone home projects are probably exterior. That’s because stone is a natural substance found in most landscapes — and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to increase your home’s curb appeal than with an exterior home project, like a stone-clad entryway or patio. But the light weight and flexibility of manufactured stone veneer also makes it perfect for indoor use in ways that natural stone is not. In fact, your imagination is the only limit for interior stone veneer project ideas that seem to defy physics. Can you picture a sleek Brick Niveo backsplash adding texture to your monochromatic kitchen? How about a cozy Limestone-clad gas fireplace in the master bath?

Deciding between an exterior and interior project will guide you toward choosing the right stone veneer products. The criteria for how to choose exterior stone leans more on weather conditions expected in the location.


Some of the hottest home design trends for 2023 fit nicely with our manufactured stone veneer profiles. Update your traditional or transitional décor with a variety of textures, including pillows in various fabrics and the dry-stacked look of EZ Ledge or Kwik Stack on an accent wall. Warm up the kitchen or master suite from last year’s all-white craze with the desert-inspired color palette of Barnstone profile. Achieve the modern yet timeless mixed-material look on your home’s outdated façade with Volterra complementing exposed beams or wood shingles.


Whether they’re adorning the inside or outside of your home, stone veneer products add value in two significant ways. First, they enhance your family’s everyday experience by elevating your surroundings with the calming beauty of nature. Second, choosing manufactured stone veneer can increase ROI on your home remodel — meaning you can expect higher bids from potential buyers who fall in love with the interior or exterior stone veneer touches around your house.

And if you think you can’t buy stone veneer without ruining your budget, Casa di Sassi has news for you: Your dollars will go a lot further with manufactured stone veneer than they could with natural stone.

A home exteriorm, featuring Casa di Sassi's Monte Ledgestone stone veneer.


This is probably the trickiest aspect of how to buy stone veneer without regret. How can you know that you’re choosing stone veneer products made by a reputable manufacturer and buying them from a distributor you can trust? Start by looking at reviews from previous customers. Make sure the manufacturer offers a variety of colors, textures and profiles — then find a distributor near you so that you can see and touch the stone veneer products in person. Your tactile experience will help you select the type of stone veneer you’ll love for the long run.


Are you a professional contractor or serious DIYer with deep experience and a range of tools at your disposal? If so, you’ll likely be able to figure out how to install stone veneer on your own with our step-by-step guide for building an accent wall.

If you’re not so confident about your construction skills, get a pro to do it for you. We highly recommend hiring an installer because the installation process for manufactured stone veneer requires some specific knowledge and a lot of mess. Exterior walls may need to be sandblasted, and getting the right grout effect takes finesse. Contractors and masons know how to install stone veneer quickly, correctly and cleanly.


Ready to start exploring the types of stone veneer that can enhance your home’s look and feel? Contact Casa di Sassi to find your partner in choosing the right manufactured stone veneer product for your budget, style and space.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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