How to Get a Fireproof Mantel for Fireplace Safety

White stone veneer fireplace with a black fireplace mantel

Nothing warms up the cozy feel of your home like a wood-burning fireplace. And a stone fireplace surround can take that cozy feeling farther by adding a layer of fireplace safety that delivers comforting peace of mind.

But how can you be sure you’re choosing a fireproof mantel? Besides, how much does your mantel choice impact overall fireplace safety? And will a stone fireplace mantel dovetail with your contemporary interior design aesthetic?

The pros at Casa di Sassi are passionate about manufactured stone veneer — especially when it comes to how stone veneer accessories level up your project’s safety while elevating a luxurious look. We want you and your family to enjoy the beauty, authenticity and top quality of our stone veneers for the long haul. That’s why we take great pride in making sure our Wood Grain and Barn Beam Mantels are top quality by providing the same attention to detail that we do all our handcrafted stone veneer profiles.


Keeping your family safe is your top priority. Whether you’re anchoring tall bookshelves to the wall or layering non-skid pads under throw rugs, you strive to make your home a secure haven where your family can relax and thrive. Add fireplace safety to the list of potential hazards you’ve addressed by understanding the fire resistance of concrete.

We craft all Casa di Sassi woodgrain and barn beam mantels from lightweight concrete in a fashion that is similar to our stone veneer mold design process. This A1-classified material is not only non-combustible but also nontoxic, which complements the low environmental impact of stone veneer as compared to quarried stones and ceramic bricks.

Another benefit of a concrete stone mantel is its low thermal conductivity — which means these fireproof mantels prevent the fire’s heat from transferring to the cherished mementos or expensive flat-screen TV you display above the fireplace. Now that’s a level of fireplace safety you can take to the bank!


Choosing lightweight manufactured stone veneer from Casa di Sassi is one of the best ways to increase ROI on home remodel projects of any scale. And most experts agree that a working fireplace is a valuable asset that’s worth updating for both everyday enjoyment and resale value.

Here are three benefits of a stone mantel fireplace upgrade to your indoor or outdoor living space:


Looking to amp up your alfresco entertaining with the addition of an authentic wood-burning fireplace? Want to transform an outdated hearth into a contemporary focal point? Love the look of barn beam mantels but don’t have a fireplace? Casa di Sassi stone veneer and mantel products fit all these situations!

While you need to carefully consider where to install stone veneer and where to avoid using it, a concrete stone mantel fireplace can be used anywhere — including mantel installations without a fireplace. Our wood grain and barn beam mantels are light enough and versatile enough to install in both interior and exterior fireplace sites, but they also work beautifully as a unique shelf on a porch, den or master suite wall.


Because our mantels weigh far less than natural stones or authentic barn beams, you’ll enjoy much easier fireplace mantel installation no matter where it’s going. We still recommend professional assistance for anyone who’s not a highly skilled and experienced DIYer (more on that in a moment), but our lightweight stone mantels make the process easier while also incurring lower delivery costs than those heavier materials.


If you think a fireproof mantel sounds bulky and unsightly — think again! Our skilled designers take pride in crafting fireplace mantel stone creations that look and feel like real wood. You’ll delight in the ridged details and rugged finish of our authentic-seeming Barn Beam mantels that complement rustic, mid-century and vintage-inspired décor. For a more polished effect, our Wood Grain mantels deliver distinguished depth in a smoother finish that pairs seamlessly with traditional, transitional and contemporary interior designs. Both mantel types are available in multiple color palettes, making it easier to bring modern fireplace mantel designs to life no matter what type of aesthetic you prefer.


You’ve got big mantel and fireplace ideas — but do you have the time, skill and equipment necessary to pull them off in sumptuous style? Maybe you’re a serious DIYer with an array of power tools and lots of vacation time on hand to dig into a stone mantel fireplace reno. For the rest of us who’d rather spend our energy and free time doing just about anything else, we highly recommend hiring professionals to install your Casa di Sassi mantel.

Benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers to fit, position and install your stone mantel include:

  • Seasoned advice on where to place the mantel for the best look and highest level of fireplace safety
  • Help choosing hearthstones, trim stones and other stone veneer accessories that add depth and dimension to any fireplace
  • Lower risk of damage to your home, family or possessions during installation
  • Higher odds of a seamless installation that looks breathtakingly beautiful when finished and remains gorgeous for the long haul


The surest and simplest way to transform an outdated space is to give your fireplace a makeover. And when it comes to stone fireplace trends, keeping your fireplace modern is easier than you might imagine! Whether your taste leans vintage-inspired, sleek and contemporary or mid century modern, fireplace mantels with an authentic feel really amp up the design aesthetic. Here are our top four modern mantel and fireplace ideas:


Paint an existing brick façade white or choose Casa di Sassi’s Brick profile in the crisp Niveo hue and pair it with our Wood Grain mantel for a classic yet contemporary look.


Warm up a neutral space with the rugged shapes of our Country Rubble profile in a soothing gray or beige color paired with a Wood Grain mantel for a welcoming and natural look that’s subtly sophisticated.


Bring on the drama with the edgy dry-stacked look of our Kwik Stack profile in cool-toned Carbone or warmer-toned Matera color topped by a rustically rugged barn beam mantel to level up a French country or farmhouse design scheme.


Create a sweeping focal point that balances the textural trend with timeless beauty by pairing our rich and luxurious Fieldstone profile with either of our fireproof fireplace mantel options. A wood grain mantel keeps it understated while barn beam mantels take it to a more rustic place.


Inspired to add beauty and style to your home while leveling up fireplace safety with a Casa di Sassi stone fireplace mantel? All our fireproof mantels are made in the USA and ready to ship fast — so your project can stay on timeline and within budget. Choosing Casa di Sassi means knowing how to get a fireproof mantel that’s reliable, easy to install and luxuriously beautiful for years to come!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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