Kitchen Ideas Using Manufactured Stone Veneer

Level up your home’s kitchen design with Casa di Sassi, one of the leading stone veneer manufacturers. Our faux stone products are made right here in our Apple Creek, Ohio, facility, but the inspiration for them comes from genuine stones found in nature — and our stone veneer details mimic those on Old World buildings in England and Europe.

We’re also obsessed with current trends, like building a stone accent wall in kitchen spaces, adding stone veneer details to an island and creating an eye-catching stone veneer kitchen backsplash to complement contemporary décor. Our experts have put together some tips for how to install stone veneer in an indoor or outdoor kitchen so that it elevates any home’s timeless appeal.

Casa di Sassi has big ideas for your kitchen! As one of the most trusted and popular stone veneer suppliers in the industry, we offer a wide range of high-quality product profiles, colors and accessory options. Here’s why a kitchen stone accent could be the best choice for your home.


Short-Term Affordability

Compared to the expense of real bricks or stones, manufactured stone is a very affordable option. If you’re renovating on a budget, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how far your money goes toward an eye-catching stone veneer backsplash or accent wall in your kitchen or other space.

Long-Term Value

Despite its affordability, manufactured stone retains value — and actually adds resale value to your home. When potential buyers see a high-quality stone veneer kitchen island or other feature, they’re often more willing to pay the asking price for the property.

Easy Installation

Those breath-taking kitchen stone details you see on Insta would be virtually impossible with natural stones. But our faux stone products are lightweight and user-friendly, so contractors have a much easier time figuring out how to install stone veneer in small or tight spaces.


Stone veneer products from Casa di Sassi stand up beautifully to rain, snow, sun and extreme temps, meaning your outdoor cultured stone trim or fire pit will look just as good in 10 years as it does today. Learn more about manufactured stone pros and cons in our stone veneer blog.


A stylish and functional outdoor kitchen can add significant resell appeal to any home, especially when it includes stone veneer details. Whether you’re considering adding an indoor stone veneer kitchen backsplash or updating your al fresco space with granite veneer stone on a fire pit or pizza oven, Casa di Sassi has you covered.



A stone veneer backsplash elevates any kitchen design, from the smallest galley to the most wide-open floorplan. Choose a light color like Nivea to complement transitional or contemporary interior design, and go with warmer tones like Matera for a more rustic look.

Kitchen Island

Customize the heart of your home with an eye-catching stone veneer kitchen island. Our lightweight, versatile products add texture and visual interest to large or small islands, especially those with granite or marble countertops.

Pizza Oven – Indoor

Is pizza night your family’s favorite day of the week year-round? Amp up the charm with stone veneer details that make your pizza oven look like an Old World creation.

Pizza Oven – Outdoor

Take your patio parties to new heights with a striking outdoor kitchen stone veneer pizza oven.

Accent Wall – Indoor or Outdoor

Go big without changing your home’s floor plan by creating a brick accent wall in kitchen areas of any size. Indoors, opt for light colors and even shapes to keep it fresh. Outdoors, choose a faux stone profile that complements your home’s exterior siding.


For a uniquely historic look, choose Volterra in fresh Niveo, boldly-beige Terracina or 50-shades-of-gray Turin. The unique bed face textures bring a rugged look to modern stone veneer details.


The best stone veneer manufacturers are inspired by nature. Casa di Sassi experts meticulously craft raw materials like cement, pigments and lightweight aggregates into versatile products that look like they came directly from a quarry. If you’re ready to explore the nearly endless ways a stone veneer floor or other stone veneer details can enhance your home’s look and function, we’re here to help. Find inspiration in our catalog of stone profiles, then look for reliable stone veneer suppliers near me who can help unleash your home’s full potential.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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