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How a Stone Kitchen Backsplash Elevates Your Home

Looking for a fresh take on traditional stone kitchen backsplash ideas? Wondering if a manufactured stone veneer backsplash is a solid investment? Not sure how to bring your vision of a unique yet functional backsplash to life?

You’re in the right place! The stone-cold pros at Casa di Sassi have cooked up a heaping helping of backsplash design inspiration using the color and texture of stone veneer for your kitchen upgrade project!

kitchen backsplash ideas from casa di sassi

Check out our breakdown of stone veneer vs. ceramic tile backsplash costs, the benefits a stone kitchen backsplash brings to your home, and a few of our fave ideas for adding the natural beauty, sumptuous texture, and amazing durability of manufactured stone veneer to the most-used room of your house.

Stone Veneer vs Backsplash Tiles: Which Ideas for Kitchen Upgrades Win?

We get it: Subway tiles take a starring role in every home renovation show, so of course they seem like the best backsplash tile idea for modern kitchens. But hear us out — there’s more than one way to achieve a timeless and trendy look while stretching your reno dollars as far as possible!

If you’re searching for that certain something to bring a distinctive edge to your kitchen, consider exiting the subway trend and digging into a historic building material with roots in the Roman Empire.

Benefits of choosing a manufactured stone veneer backsplash include:

Cost-Effective Luxury

Natural materials like stone and brick lend a sense of luxurious weight to any space. And their price tag typically reflects that luxury in sky-high transportation and installation costs, putting them out of reach for most non-millionaire homeowners. But thanks to the manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage, your reno dollars can go much further than you think in creating luxurious texture in your home. A cost-effective stone veneer backsplash leaves room in your budget for other splurges, like granite countertops or a chef-grade oven.

Excellent ROI

Is Casa di Sassi’s top-quality stone veneer worth the investment for your project? We say yes. However, don’t just take our word for it; ask your realtor. They’ll tell you that kitchens and bathrooms are typically the most important rooms to prospective buyers, so those are the rooms where your efforts and budget should focus. When you choose our handcrafted, American-made veneers to elevate your backsplash design, you’ll see a serious return on your investment in the flood of interest and perhaps even a bidding war for your listing.

Easy Cleanup

We designed our stone veneer products to be virtually maintenance-free after proper installation. And you might be surprised at the very simple instructions for how to clean manufactured stone veneer. So long as your backsplash rests atop appropriate waterproofing materials and you avoid acidic cleaners, like vinegar, you can wipe your stone veneer backsplash clean with a little water and mild detergent. If your kitchen sees higher than average use — or you’re concerned about excessive splatters from your teen who’s just learning to cook — consider adding a breathable silane or siloxane sealant for added peace of mind.


Stones found in nature are remarkably durable, and we crafted our products to mimic that time-honored durability. Need proof? It’s inked into our 50-year transferable warranty against blistering, peeling, delaminating and excessive cracking. Keep in mind that this warranty becomes invalid if your stone veneer backsplash is not properly installed — which helps make a case for hiring professional stone veneer installers who know all the ins and outs of getting the job done correctly, efficiently and beautifully.

Unique and Authentic Appearance

If you’re looking for kitchen backsplash ideas that bring the warmth and authenticity of natural materials into your home, our manufactured stone veneer should top your list. Our stone-obsessed craftspeople put serious time and effort into the stone veneer mold design process — examining rocks found in nature, experimenting with novel color combinations and exercising their creativity to create unique stone veneer options that deliver an authentic appearance rivaling Mother Nature herself.

Sumptuous Style for Any Aesthetic

Is your home’s interior design a sleek and contemporary palette of soft neutrals? Or does yours have a more traditional feel with crown molding, sumptuous furnishings and timeless artwork? Perhaps you’ve got a mid-century modern vibe with lots of clean, curved lines and minimal clutter. Or maybe you’re into more of a vintage-inspired look with ornate chandeliers, family-heirloom furniture, and plenty of eclectic touches.

No matter what backsplash design style you seek, there are stone veneer types for every aesthetic out there. From ruggedly rustic to geometrically stacked to symmetrically sleek, we’ve got a wide range of profiles to match your vision of perfect kitchen backsplash ideas.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas With Stone Veneer

Now for the fun part — unique and creative stone veneer ideas for your home, kitchen backsplash edition! The kitchen might be the most-used room of your home, so it has to be both beautiful and functional. Find renewed reno inspiration in these stone kitchen backsplash ideas from the pros at Casa di Sassi:

Warm Up Neutral Décor

A long-time stance of total neutrality has made modern kitchens as bland as unseasoned oatmeal. We say it’s time to warm it up with the spicy texture of a stone veneer backsplash! You’ve seen enough jaw-dropping Insta pics to understand how textured accent walls bring warmth and visual interest to a foyer or den — so take that trend into the kitchen! Choose a stone veneer color that’s close to the paint color on your cabinets for a subtle sizzle or go for big, bold design flavor with a deep veneer hue that picks up on an accent from your countertops or flooring.

Stretch it From Counter to Ceiling

Traditionally, a backsplash starts at the counter level and stops at the lower edge of your cupboards. Make a more modern statement by stretching yours all the way to the ceiling! All Casa di Sassi profiles are lightweight and easy to install atop drywall, so soaring installations that could never happen with real stones are totally doable. Whether it’s the section behind the stove, the area around windows or the spaces between your cupboards, a backsplash design that climbs the entire height of your walls draws the eye upward and creates the feeling of a much larger space.

Make Dark Cabinets Pop

One of the hottest trends right now is dark, rich paint colors on kitchen cabinets, and we love this departure from all-neutral everything! If you’ve embraced this forward-thinking idea, make that vibrant color really pop by pairing it with the gorgeous texture of a stone veneer backsplash. The effect works best with high contrast, so consider lighter choices as you’re choosing stone veneer colors for your design. Our Niveo hue makes black and dark brown stand out while Bianco and Cremona bring a softer feel to greens and blues. The deep drama of Salerno would make vibrant yellows look livelier, and the rich tones in Monte and Gola pair beautifully with oranges and reds.

Stack Up Modern Style

If your heart is completely set on the sweet symmetry and timeless charm of subway tile — but your head is telling you to seek more individuality — consider the thoroughly modern style of Yorkshire stone veneer. Backsplash design gets a fresh feel with the cool, crisp color and clean lines of this inspired profile. The variation of shapes separates it from the uniformity of subway tiles without losing the symmetrical order that brings a sense of calm to your backsplash design. Plus, it plays well with nearly any color or aesthetic choice, from bold colors to neutral tones, contemporary sleekness to rustic charm, monochrome palettes to vibrant combinations.

Casa di Sassi Styles For Every Kitchen

Feeling inspired by our stone veneer backsplash tile ideas for your kitchen upgrade? Discover where to buy Casa di Sassi in your neighborhood for your DIY project — or reach out for our help finding a distributor or professional installer who can bring your backsplash design dreams to life. A sumptuous, stylish stone kitchen backsplash elevates your everyday experience at home and adds serious value when it’s time to list. Add the beauty, durability and authenticity of a Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer kitchen backsplash to your home today.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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