The Stone Veneer Mold Design Process

Nothing brings your big home décor dreams to life like Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer. Design concepts that soar to the rafters or level up an outdoor living area with breathtaking beauty become possible with our durable, handcrafted profiles. And thanks to the pricing advantage of manufactured stone veneer over natural stones or brick, nearly any budget can accommodate the luxury of top-quality stone veneer details.

Ever wonder what stone veneer manufacturing involves? Our rock-hunting pros love experimenting with stone veneer molds as they develop new looks inspired by Mother Nature and the centuries-long history of using stone as a building material. Their keen attention to detail and unwavering commitment to the highest quality are key to making sure homeowners like you can buy stone veneer without regret.

Let’s take a peek into the stone veneer manufacturing process at Casa di Sassi so you can see how our inspiration becomes your home’s next upgrade.


Making stone veneer profiles is a labor of love for our skilled artisans. Most of them have spent years refining the skills and processes that allow them to bring the beauty of nature to your home.

How is manufactured stone made? It all begins with inspiration — which comes from several sources, including:


A boulder can be a work of art. One person’s rubble is another’s supply for crafting beauty. Piles of rocks transform into stylish décor under a craftsman’s gaze. Our designers frequently go on rock hunts for stone veneer inspiration, examining Mother Nature’s work for the smallest nuances and shadings that will become gorgeous stone veneer details. From craggy cliff faces to smooth river stones to ancient glacial formations, the natural world calls to us as the first source of creativity for our manufactured stone veneer molds.


Whether it’s the stone foundation of an old barn or the leftover slabs in an abandoned quarry, man made structures can also inspire a stone veneer design. That’s because the evidence of craftsmen from the past, like chisel or hammer marks, often lend additional character and a sense of history to a manufactured stone veneer profile. We have immense respect for the masons and other stone workers who came before us, and we honor their labor with the most authentic stone veneer details possible.


Casa di Sassi customers include residential homeowners, building contractors and our nationwide network of retail distributors — and we love hearing what all of you have to say about our stone veneer designs! Requests from customers often influence the types of rocks our designers go hunting for, and feedback from distributors about market demand can influence which profiles we keep in stock or retire. We also like to keep our finger on the latest home design trends for inspiration in making stone veneer that keeps up with the most current looks.


One of the benefits of purchasing quality stone veneer from Casa di Sassi is the transparency of our U.S.-based manufacturing process. We’re located in Ohio’s heartland, and our core values of honesty, integrity and quality form the foundation of our family-owned business.

From raw materials to finish product, here’s a quick breakdown of how the manufactured stone veneer that enhances your home comes into being:


Once our rock hunters bring their treasured specimens back to our Apple Creek headquarters, they spend a lot of time examining and experimenting with the rocks. They manicure each stone with hammers and chisels to refine each one’s shape, texture and size. Then they arrange them in various configurations until they hit on an arrangement that appeals to their sense of symmetry, balance and composition. Once they fall in love with an arrangement, they make rubber stone molds of the design for a trial run.


Mother Nature makes the raw material for our designers’ inspiration — and she also makes the ingredients we pour into our stone veneer molds! The main ingredient is concrete, which was first developed during the Roman Empire’s heyday and influenced great advancements in both Italian architecture and stone veneer through the ages. We mix concrete with natural aggregates to keep it lightweight, then add mineral oxides for pigment. Our artisans take the time to experiment with variations of color and composition until they’re delighted with the new profile prototype.

Because Casa di Sassi’s stone veneer manufacturing is a controlled process that includes maximum effort to minimize waste, conserve energy and reduce overall carbon footprint, the environmental impact of manufactured stone veneers is much lower than the ecological devastation caused by quarrying natural stones.


Each new stone veneer design that our craftspeople come up with must be rigorously tested before going into the manufacturing process. Once the stone veneer molds have cured, we do several test runs to measure the quality of its appearance, the ease of its installation and the overall durability of its composition. If our artisans are satisfied with the results, we move forward with the final step in the stone veneer manufacturing process: distribution. It’s easy to find a Casa di Sassi distributor in your neighborhood because our network of reliable, reputable distributing partners crisscrosses the country.


At Casa di Sassi, we’re committed to making stone veneer products that bring a world of gorgeous, high-quality possibilities to your home. Here’s what sets us apart from those cheaper products on the shelves of big-box stores:


There’s a wide variety of stone veneer designs, types and styles out there to choose from — but those with the Casa di Sassi name on them are truly one of a kind. That’s because our artisans handcraft each of our rubber stone molds to recreate the nuanced texture, shape and color of stones found in nature — rather than quickly stamping out multitudes of cookie-cutter veneers that look fake. This kind of craftsmanship is increasingly rare, and we’re proud of the painstakingly meticulous and perhaps old-fashioned care that goes into our slower stone veneer manufacturing process.


Your personal style is unique, and the stone veneer design in your home needs to match that individuality. You’ll find an array of looks among Casa di Sassi’s manufactured stone veneer profiles — from sweetly symmetrical to ruggedly handsome to timelessly tailored to realistically rustic. Don’t settle for boring, repetitive patterns that come from only one or two rubber stone molds. Get the luxurious and sumptuous effect you crave with our variety of profiles designed to include all the little stone veneer details that elevate and enhance your style.


No home project is complete without a few finishing touches. Give your kitchen backsplash, accent wall or outdoor fire pit the professional look your home deserves with stone accessories made to the same high standards as Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer. Whether it’s a wall cap to help protect a retaining wall, a keystone to add gravitas to an entryway or a hearthstone to enhance your outdoor kitchen, our accessories help achieve seamless beauty. We’ve also curated an impressive selection of mantels to complement any indoor or outdoor fireplace with modern function and rustic authenticity.


How can you be sure the Casa di Sassi stone veneer details you add to your home today will still look fabulous years from now? One way is to look at how our stone veneer manufacturing process differs from those big-box brands. Another is to check out our generous, transferrable 50-year warranty. We stand behind the quality of our products because making stone veneer that stands the test of time is not just our job — it’s our passion.


Ready to start making those big home décor dreams a reality? Bring Casa di Sassi home for the unique stone veneer design that elevates your personal style and the handcrafted stone veneer manufacturing that guarantees a lifetime of beautiful moments.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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