Easy Textured Wall Ideas With Manufactured Stone Veneer

One of the most popular home décor trends right now is an accent wall. Design experts agree that a textured wall trumps a flat colored wall with the one-two punch of tactile and visual interest.

But did you know that there are a variety of textured wall types to consider for adding this feature to your home? If you’re looking for a truly unique way of both adding value to your house and making your home modern, manufactured stone veneer accent walls are the way to go.

From the authentic look of stones found in nature to the array of color palettes available to the incredibly light weight that allows for sweeping Insta-worthy creations, Casa di Sassi stone veneers are one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to add texture to walls while leveling up your home’s overall aesthetic.

And we’re psyched to show you that our top-quality stone veneer is worth the investment of your time and money for a high-end look that stretches your reno dollars further than you ever imagined.

Let’s dig into the value that an accent wall with texture brings to your interior design, the benefits of using stone veneer for a textured wall detail, and our favorite stylish-yet-easy textured wall ideas for your kitchen, living room, master suite and more!

Why Add Texture to an Accent Wall Design?

One of the hottest home design trends of this decade calls for tons of texture. That means tossing velvety pillows on the sofa, layering sumptuous duvets on the bed and finding ways to texturize those accent walls. A pop of color can make a statement, but nothing draws attention like the multidimensional appeal of a stone veneer wall. Besides, you can quickly tire of the color you choose to paint a one-dimensional accent wall design — especially as it becomes the dictator of any other colors you might want to bring in or changes you’d like to make after a while.

But an accent wall with texture brings natural versatility to your space. It can be monochromatic or richly colored, ultra-modern or totally traditional, neutral or vibrant, subtle or dramatic. In essence, texture takes any accent wall ideas to the next level with character and authenticity you can feel.


Benefits of Using Stone Veneer For a Textured Wall

Texture elevates any accent wall design concept — but all textured wall types are not created equal! There are many ways to add texture to walls, like using drywall compound, custom wallpaper or specialty paint. Depending on how much free time you have and how crafty you are, these methods might be fine.

But if you’re dreaming of impressive accent wall ideas that achieve a timeless yet trendy effect while delivering serious ROI, the benefits of manufactured stone veneer in your home cannot be beat. Those benefits include:   

Easy Installation

Homeowners with extensive DIY experience, tons of tools and lots of free time can create a simple stone veneer accent wall in about a weekend. However, we always highlight the benefits of hiring professional installers for a truly seamless and worry-free installation. These stone-cold pros make sure your property is respected, the mess is contained, and any unforeseen problems are handled quickly and efficiently. They also offer valuable insight into details of the process and advice on manufactured stone accessories to level up your project.

Low Maintenance

No one wants an accent feature in their home that requires meticulous or continuous maintenance — except maybe an inground pool. And that’s a big maybe. If you’re a fan of low-maintenance home upgrades, like we are, then you’ll be delighted to learn how to clean manufactured stone veneer textured walls. You can vacuum off surface dust with a soft-bristle attachment and wipe away heavier grime with a damp cloth or sponge. That’s it!

Great Durability

A stone veneer accent wall brings a timeless look to your home’s interior, so it needs to remain looking perfectly polished for the long haul. We’re so confident in the durability of your properly installed Casa di Sassi accent wall that we include a 50-year transferable warranty with every purchase. You read that right: The warranty transfers to the next owners of your home, making it an excellent selling point when it’s time to list.

Authentic Look

The artisans who handcraft Casa di Sassi profiles are obsessed with rocks. They’ve been known to pull off onto the side of the road to inspect an unusual bolder or impressive stone building foundation. These eagle-eye craftspeople take time with the stone veneer mold design process, experimenting with natural pigments and innovative placement until they develop a look that rivals Mother Nature. Their meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail deliver the authentic look you crave in your accent wall ideas for textured walls that truly impress.

Complete Flaw Camouflage

Are your home’s walls less than perfect looking? Got water damage stains, uneven plaster, visible drywall seams or unsightly masonry that’s casting a drab, grim light on your living spaces? Transform that eyesore into a luxurious stone veneer accent wall without breaking the bank, thanks to the manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage over natural stones and brick! Nearly any budget can achieve a breathtaking floor-to-ceiling textured wall using stone veneer to cover up cosmetic flaws that might be quite costly to address in other ways.


Easy Textured Accent Wall Ideas

Now that you have a better idea of how manufactured stone veneer brings long-lasting value to your home, let’s look at some unique and creative ideas for stone veneer accent walls that bring your particular aesthetic to life.

For a Neutral Color Palette

Many homeowners think neutral means boring — but we disagree! Neutral colors can feel fresh, clean and contemporary while welcoming a sense of calm and comfort. It all comes down to selecting a classic profile and choosing stone veneer colors for your home’s design that won’t overwhelm the space. Try these accent wall ideas to elevate and amplify your neutral color palette:


Our Brick profile delivers calming symmetry and a traditional look. Opt for the Neve hue to complement warm colors, like browns, greens and taupe. Get a fresh, modern feel that evokes a sense of space and cleanliness with the crisp Niveo hue.


We designed our Blends profile to be the ultimate shapeshifter. The unique combination of shapes and sizes creates an instantly textured wall, and the six available colors ensure it dovetails with nearly any interior design concept. Warmer neutrals pair beautifully with the pale Bianco, moderate Terracina or deeper Bolzanno. Cooler neutral palettes that skew gray or greige dovetail with Bella and Cremona, while a monochromatic or black-and-white color scheme works perfectly with the Polare hue.

For a Rustic Natural Look

There are stone veneer types for every aesthetic, but the rustic look might be our favorite. If you want to bring the outdoors in, an accent wall with texture from either of these rugged profiles is a great choice.


The handsome texture of our Fieldstone profile was inspired by the highlands of the New England states, where craggy mountains and deep valleys blaze with fall color and invite adventure all year. Beautifully irregular stones fit together tightly while distinct edges cry out to be touched. It’s available in warm Monet, cool Gola and neutral Legno colors. Pair your ruggedly textured wall with a mix of modern and vintage furnishings in a light palette, like off-white or dove gray, for a welcoming and cozy feel.


Our Ledgestone profile delivers a rough, dimensional surface in a more symmetrical pattern that toes the line between rustic and contemporary design — making it a perfect complement for mid century modern furniture. Choose from seven color options that cover the spectrum of cool, neutral and warm tones. The dry-stack effect intensifies the shadows created by the varying heights and depths of the stones for a stunningly rugged accent wall design.

For a Minimalistic Design

Create the feel of an at-home spa by incorporating stone veneer into your bathroom design ideas that focus on minimalism. An accent wall with texture in a crisp white hue around a freestanding tub transforms the master bath into a personal oasis. Even the smallest powder room or guest bath gets a luxurious lift with clean, crisp accent wall ideas like these!


Adding a textured wall can take a minimalist design from blah to breathtaking. Our Yorkshire profile brings calming symmetry and clean lines to a timeless color palette. Using it on a stone veneer wall in the master suite creates a modern feel that you can elevate with just a few well-chosen pieces for the look of understated luxury.


Our Volterra profile brings the weight of history to a minimalist design when you opt for the soft, creamy Niveo hue from the three available colors. An accent wall with texture like this pairs gorgeously with sumptuous furnishings in a minimalist palette, creating a luxuriously understated sense of timeless elegance in the master suite, foyer or dining room.

For a Dramatic Statement

You can’t get much more dramatic than Italian architecture, and stone veneer accent walls bring that drama to life just about anywhere! Try these unique accent wall ideas for textured walls that connect to an historic sense of style.

Country Rubble

Take family pizza night or your next dinner party to the next level with an eye-catchingly dramatic accent wall design in your kitchen. Our Country Rubble profile features irregularly shaped stones that were hand-picked to fit together like puzzle pieces. The result is magnificent texture that looks like an accent wall from a farmhouse in the French countryside. Choose warmer Murano color to pair with greens and browns, cooler Turin hue to highlight grays and blues, or Matera color to add depth to a neutral palette.

Old World

Inspired by hand-chiseled foundation stones salvaged from a 19th-century structure, our Old World profile delivers a majestic appearance and indulgent feel. Oversized stones mix with smaller pieces for striking variety that speaks of craftsmanship from a bygone era. Choose from five available hues that range from deep, moody Grigio to neutrally understated Turin to crisply fresh Niveo for an eye-catching accent wall with texture for days.

Stone Veneer Walls From Casa di Sassi

Now that you’re inspired to create the textured wall types that elevate your wildest interior design ideas, you’d probably like to know how to buy stone veneer without regret. That’s easy! Just look for a U.S.-based manufacturer with a wide array of authentic-looking stone veneer profiles and a nationwide network of reliable distributors — like Casa di Sassi. Your inspiration plus our easy textured wall ideas equal endless possibilities for your home!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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