Manufactured Stone Accessories: Uses and Benefits

Light Colored house with stone wall caps

Congratulations! You’ve chosen top-quality Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer to bring time-tested beauty and sophistication to your home. Your family will enjoy these stone accents for years, and when the time comes to sell, you can expect a healthy ROI on home remodels using stone veneera>.

You may already have realized how complex the stone veneer design and installation process can be. After all, you spent a fair amount of time sifting through online images of sweeping accent walls, fabulous fireplace facelifts and unique outdoor kitchen layouts, pinning tons of pics to your #wishlist on Insta. You’ve probably also consulted with your contractor or builder on bringing your vision of luxurious stone veneer accents to life in your indoor or outdoor living spaces.

But have you considered how stone veneer accessories level up your project?

Just as the right necklace or pocket square can bring an entire outfit together, the best stone accessories can take your project from so-so to extraordinary.

To help you choose the stone accents and accessories that will add the perfect finishing touches to your interior or exterior stone veneer design, our stone-cold experts put together this guide to Casa di Sassi’s collection of manufactured stone veneer accessories.

Read on for our insight, tips and advice on using stone veneer accessories beautifully, creatively and wisely.


Accessories are items that make something function or look better. The cupholder in your car and the protective case on your phone are great examples. You could hold a drink between your knees while you drive or hope that you’ll never drop your phone — but those accessories make your daily experience a little better and easier.

It’s a similar situation with stone accessories. Our talented designers create keystones, stone column caps and other stone veneer accessories to make installation easier and to elevate the overall look of a finished project. They use the same materials and stone veneer mold design process as they do when developing our manufactured stone veneer profiles — which means our accessories are infused with the same top quality, durability and authenticity as you expect from all Casa di Sassi products.

Every stone veneer design is unique, and every project has its challenges. Whether it’s accommodating variances in an older home reno, keeping outdoor utilities protected from the elements or creating a historic look in a new build, our stone veneer accessories make it all come together seamlessly.


Which stone veneer accessories will work best in your project? Here’s a breakdown of all the stone accessories we offer, from utility covers and hearthstones to stone landscaping supplies and more.


A stone façade on a house or garage can have a huge positive impact on curb appeal. It’s important to consider whether your hometown climate and stone veneer’s durability are compatible for long-term satisfaction — and our accessories can make a big difference in the overall performance of your stone veneer design.

Manufactured stone covers for electrical outlets and other utilities can help keep moisture at bay while maintaining an overall consistent look.


Garden retaining walls and stone columns add depth, dimension and visual interest to your property while keeping erosion in check. But did you realize that those structures can incur serious damage from wind, rain and snow if they don’t have stone covers to top them off? We’ve got your back with everything you need to know about manufactured stone wall caps! These unassuming stone accessories provide strong security against moisture, which can really spoil your beautiful stone veneer design if allowed to permeate inside the wall or column.

Properly installed and mortared stone caps effectively seal up the manufactured stone veneer application, leaving a gorgeous, finished top that overhangs enough to allow precipitation to drain off and away from your stone landscaping accents.


The two things we love most about a fireplace are the cozy warmth of the flames and the endless possibilities for mantel décor. In fact, we think mantels might be the most important stone accessories we sell — especially if you’re wondering how to get a fireproof mantel for fireplace safety. Ours are meticulously handcrafted from the same cement and aggregate materials as our stone veneers, which makes them a worry-free choice for your home. The bonus is that our fireplace mantels look like reclaimed barn beams or authentic wood grain pieces that add a modern rustic touch to any décor. Pair your fave with hearthstones that resemble rough-cut limestone for a sumptuous feel on both indoor and outdoor fireplaces.


Trying to replicate the look of a time-worn stone building on your newer home? The trick is including the detailed stone accents that made architectural advancements possible in simpler times. We’re talking keystones, trim stones and window lintels, all of which helped early engineers create structurally sound buildings without modern elements, like steel beams.

keystone is a wedge-shaped stone accent piece traditionally set at the apex of an archway. It locked all the other arch pieces into place, keeping the whole thing from collapsing. Our trim stones help achieve a finished look around doorways, windows, fireplaces and other openings that often need extra accommodations. Our watertable stone accents might be the most versatile accessories we make! They can facilitate water runoff above exterior wall applications, create the look of authentic window or door lintels, and provide a pleasing transition between mixed materials.


There are three main concepts to keep in mind as you design with manufactured stone veneer: color, texture and inspiration! Our talented artisans craft stone accessories in multiple color palettes, so you can match your chosen veneer or go for a little contrast if you prefer. They also make sure all our stone accessories include the varied textures of real stones for the authentic look and feel you crave.

As for inspiration, we’ve got that in spades! Here are some of our favorite ideas for using stone veneer accessories to elevate and sharpen your wildest stone veneer design ambitions.


It is no small feat to build garden retaining walls, low walls alongside your driveway or stone columns that rise regally from the ground. Opting for the additional protection of stone caps is a wise move that helps ensure your stone veneer design is worth the investment of time and money you’ve put into it. We offer three types of stone caps, each in five color choices, to top off your aesthetic:

    • Flat wall caps deliver smooth, defined edges for a sleek and contemporary look.
    • Chiseled stone caps offer texture with clean edges for a traditional Americana effect.
    • Natural stone caps achieve a truly rustic look with tons of texture that seems worn by nature.


One of the many benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers is tapping into their experience and expertise in using stone veneer accessories. They can help you determine which stone accents will make the installation go more smoothly, as well as which accessories can offer the most polished and beautiful representation of your stone veneer design dreams. Plus, they’ll keep the mess contained and make sure your manufactured stone veneer project is completed with seamless perfection.


Today’s home décor trends lean hard on mixed materials. Whether you’re hoping to pair stone veneer accents with more traditional elements like board and batten or wood siding on your home’s facade — or you want to combine your passion for Italian architecture and stone veneer design aspirations for a boldly unique statement — manufactured stone veneer accessories can help make it happen with style and sophistication. Our watertable stone accents, trim pieces and stone column caps offer versatility and visual interest that eases the transition between dissimilar materials for a cohesive and intentional look.


If there’s one traditional home element that never really goes out of style, it’s a fireplace. But the key to keeping your fireplace modern is understanding how trends change and how those trends translate to your personal aesthetic. Our handcrafted mantels, hearthstones and other manufactured stone veneer accessories make it easy for you to refresh an outdated fireplace to match your contemporary style or integrate a modern electric fireplace into more traditional décor. Start with a manufactured stone veneer profile that suits your taste and design preferences, then add the stone accents that fit your vision. From the rustic ruggedness of Fieldstone to the mid century modern look of Kwik Stack to the timeless texture of Brick to the cool contemporary feel of Yorkshire, you’ll find cozy comfort in a roaring fire that’s flanked by a sumptuous hearth and topped by an eye-catching mantel that displays family photos and holiday treasures.


Whether you’re a homeowner looking to elevate your home’s interior design or a contractor explaining to clients why building with manufactured stone veneer materials from Casa di Sassi is a great choice, using stone veneer accessories levels up every project. We put just as much time, effort and thought into designing our manufactured stone wall caps and other accent pieces as we do our profile collection. And that adds seamless stone accent integration to all the other benefits of purchasing top-quality stone veneer from Casa di Sassi!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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