Why & How To Grout Stone Veneer Projects

Applying grout to stone veneer

Grouting stone veneer installations is the final step in the process. Many homeowners think they don’t need grout for stone veneer projects, especially if it’s an interior accent wall or backsplash. The pros at Casa di Sassi are here to set the record straight: Manufactured stone veneers need grout as much as any natural stone or brick installation does.

Let’s dig into the reasons for grouting stone veneer, as well as a step-by-step guide for how to grout stone veneer projects on your own. Plus, we’ve added some insight into the value of having your project professionally installed and where to find a reliable distributor near you.


The grout for stone veneer serves two purposes: First, it fills in the voids between individual stones, strengthening the overall project and helping keep moisture away from the substrate. Second, grout enhances the aesthetics of manufactured stone veneers. There are a variety of stone veneer grout techniques, each of which adds character to the finished look. The best grout for stone veneer projects is the one that complements the effect you’re going for and stands up to the test of time.

Someone Applying Grout to Veneer Stone


Installing manufactured stone veneer is a complex and detailed process. Once the area is prepped and the base structures are hung, cutouts for electrical outlets and other openings must be measured and cut. Casa di Sassi stone veneers are lightweight and easy to handle, which makes building unique, eye-catching designs possible. The final step in the installation process is choosing a grout color and deciding how you want the grout lines to look. The steps for how to grout stone veneer are identical to those for grouting natural stone. Mortar goes into a grout bag with a hole at the tip, and you simply fill the joints between the stones.

Here are four of the most common stone veneer grout techniques and a breakdown of how they’ll affect your project’s appearance.

Stone Veneer Exterior Garage Wall



For the most traditional look, half-inch grout lines that are evenly placed keep the symmetry intact while filling spaces between stones. As the grout dries, these can be tooled and brushed for a finish that’s either even with the stone surface or recessed about a quarter inch. This is the best grout for stone veneer profiles with regular patterns, like Brick, Granite or Barnstone.


For a more rugged effect, grouting techniques called face over or over grouting are a great choice. This is the best grout for stone veneer profiles with irregular patterns and a historic connection, such as Fieldstone. The grout lines are generally 1 inch or wider, and the grout may even cover some of the stone face. The result is pleasantly rustic and natural. A bonus to this grouting technique is its low waste factor.

Stone Veneer Exterior Garage Wall


Some manufactured stone veneer projects appear to have no grout at all. Profiles like EZ Ledge, Ledgestone and Kwik Stack have a dry-laid appearance, which is quite attractive in mid century modern and contemporary décor. To achieve this look, more nuanced grouting techniques are necessary, as the grout must be recessed at least half an inch.


The biggest difference between indoor and outdoor stone veneer installations is exposure to the elements. The best manufactured stone veneer products are durable for years and include a warranty against defects when they’re properly installed. In essence, grouting stone veneer requires the same process whether it’s an interior or exterior project. There are, however, different things to consider for exterior stone veneer siding versus an indoor accent wall, such as accommodating architectural features and enhancing curb appeal.


Still trying to figure out how to grout natural stone veneer on a DIY stone accent wall? Let the pros at Casa di Sassi take the uncertainty out of the equation. Our network of experienced and reliable distributors can help you find local professionals to do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is choose the profile that elevates your home’s aesthetic, decide which grouting technique complements the look, then sit back and watch your home’s long-term value increase. Let’s get started on your manufactured stone veneer project!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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