Installing Stone Veneer Products

Submitted by Casa di Sassi on Fri, 12/20/2019 - 4:10am
application of Casa di Sassi products

At Casa di Sassi, our stone veneers are endlessly versatile. Not only is our manufactured stone available in a wide variety of styles, but it can also be applied to a wide range of substrates. This ensures that for almost any structure, our stone veneers can be used both inside and out. Here is a closer look at how they can be applied.

Sheathed Wood Frame Construction

Sheathed wood framing refers to areas where a board or panel has been applied to the wall over the underlying frame. This typically involves plywood panels being placed over the structure’s framework. For this type of installation, the surface must be covered with two water-resistant barrier layers or an 18-gauge woven wire mesh. Scratch coat mortar is then applied, after which the stone veneer can be installed to the surface.

Open Wood Frame Construction

For open wood frame construction, stud framing must be covered with a water-resistant barrier and a rib metal lath. Fasteners are applied to penetrate the stud by at least one inch. Mortar is then applied to the metal lath and scored to create a rough scratch coat to which the stone veneers can be adhered.

Masonry Surfaces

When working with an existing masonry surface, the walls must be cleaned with sandblasting or acid washing to remove paint, debris, and other contaminants. Once water no longer beads on the surface, a scratch coat is applied to the surface., and the stone veneer adheres to the scratch coat.

Metal Building Panels

When working with metal panels, the panels must have a minimum thickness of .0478 inches and be of No. 18 gage galvanized steel or higher to ensure safe installation. The lath must be attached with corrosion resistant screws at least half an inch long to ensure proper adhesion of the stone veneer. 

If you wish to upgrade your building with stylish stone veneers, you can’t go wrong with Casa di Sassi. No matter what type of structure you’re working with, there are solutions available to ensure your upgrade complies with local building codes and installation requirements. Check out our exciting range of stone profiles to find the right match for your property.