Casa Stone Profile Feature: Volterra Stone Veneer

Exterior of house made with Niveo Volterra stone

Looking to add a classic look to your home’s interior or exterior design with stone veneer? Tired of the smooth simplicity of subway tiles – but not ready to enter full-on rustic mode? Our Volterra profile hits the sweet spot you’re craving!

Named after an ancient walled city that sits atop a mountain overlooking the breathtaking Tuscany region of Italy, Volterra stone veneer brings you timeless appeal and endless versatility.

Stones hewed in rectangular shapes of varying sizes feature the perfect amount of texture for elegant visual intrigue. It’s a lovely balance of symmetry and proportion that fits seamlessly into today’s stone veneer trends for your home.

Let’s dig into some interior and exterior stone veneer ideas for adding this gorgeous profile to your home’s unique style.

Why Choose the Volterra Stone Profile for Interior Walls?

Volterra stone veneer lets you bring your most soaring interior design ideas to life! Whether you’re dreaming of an accent wall that climbs all the way to your cathedral ceiling or a freestanding soaker tub surround that feels like it’s in a castle, this profile can help you achieve it. Our manufactured stone veneers are lightweight and easy to install, which means they fit the bill for projects that could never work with natural stones or kilned bricks.

So go ahead – envision Volterra stone veneer as a star player in your ideal kitchen backsplash ideas, fireplace facade fantasies and other daring decor daydreams!

It’s available in three versatile color choices which can lead you to the perfect interior stone veneer decisions:

Casa di Sassi Niveo Volterra profile.


This crisp color is perfect if you’re looking to transition away from the monochrome all-white kitchen look. It’s a soft shade of cream that warms up a space without overwhelming it. Choose Niveo Volterra stone veneer for a cool, welcoming, modern look. Pair it with deep accent colors, like black or navy, for a contemporary feel. Or opt for golden-toned neutrals to keep the overall effect soft and soothing.

Volterra Terracina - Detail Image


Choosing stone veneer colors for your home’s design can be tricky – but this warm hue makes it easy. The golden undertones and soft neutrals mean it plays well with nearly any palette. Elevate your traditional furnishings with Terracina Volterra on your fireplace and a deep, trendy brown on walls for a timelessly elegant look. Pair a Terracina Volterra backsplash with creamy cupboards, pale blue walls and brushed gold fixtures for a luxurious guest or master bath. Refresh your den or open-concept living space with an accent wall of Terracina Volterra flanked by warm beige wall paint and sumptuous velvet furniture in rich jewel tones.

Turin Voltera Casa di Sassi Profile


The varied hues in Turin Volterra stone veneer make it the perfect choice for an edgier look. Pick out any one of them – from charcoal to ash to greige to brown to taupe – to showcase as a wall color. Then lean into an industrial chic vibe with metal light fixtures, open shelving and leather upholstered furniture. Level up your man cave decor with this stone veneer adding a rugged touch to your freestanding bar and neon beer signs. Soften a black-and-white themed living space or master suite with Turin Volterra in place of traditional wainscotting for an eye-catching modern effect.

Uses for Volterra on Exterior Walls

Can you use manufactured stone veneers in outdoor spaces? Yes, you can! It’s important to know where to install stone veneers and where to avoid installation for the best outcomes – but when they’re installed carefully and correctly, exterior stone veneer projects can enhance your entire property.

Check out these fun outdoor stone veneer ideas! Which one catches your eye?

Faux Exterior Walls

Give your home a contemporary facelift with Nivea Volterra stone veneer on the facade. The creamy off-white tones blend well with light-colored siding and trendy-colored trim in black or deep brown. Visually link your home and garage with Terracina Volterra embellishing the bottom half of each structure and the upper portions in board and batten. Create a rustic vibe for your back patio or deck with Turin Volterra on the exterior walls surrounding your sliding doors.

Pillars and Landscaping

Take your garden retaining walls from eyesore to eye-catching stylish when you discover how to landscape with stone veneer. The range of earthy tones in all three Volterra stone choices complements greenery and flowers with natural beauty. Or go big with pillars and arches rising over your patio for the dramatic look of Italian architecture in exterior stone veneer.

More Creative Exterior Stone Veneer Uses

Think beyond your home’s walls and garden beds for a world of Volterra stone veneer possibilities. Dreaming of an outdoor pizza oven for next-level entertaining? Make it look built into your alfresco space with a Turin or Terracina Volterra makeover. Cozy up your four-season living with Niveo Volterra stone veneer embellishing your outdoor fireplace – whether it burns wood, gas or electricity!

Achieve the Look You Want with Volterra Stone Veneer

Feeling inspired to welcome Volterra stone veneer into your interior design or exterior reno project? Discover where to buy Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer in your neighborhood – and get ready to fall in love with the top quality and authentic look of Volterra stone veneer.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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