Why Use Stone Veneer in Home Interior Design?

Casa di Sassi Matera Kwik Stack fireplace with a wooden mantel

Your home interior is the setting for your family’s most important life moments. From holiday meals in the kitchen to game nights in the den to stolen moments in the master suite to reconnect with your spouse, each room includes elements that impact the overall feel of your home environment.

Both color and texture influence your mood and the atmosphere in a space. But how do you achieve the home interior design that makes you feel good? And how do you incorporate those elements into the color palette or home interior design scheme you already have?

At Casa di Sassi, we’re obsessed with bringing unique and easy home interior inspiration to light. Our pros have great tips for using stone interior accents to elevate a sense of comfort, peace and relaxation in your house whether you prefer a traditional, retro-chic or modern home aesthetic. Stone veneer interior accents are a great choice if you want to:

Stone Veneer pre grout


It may seem obvious, but stone veneer interior accents add texture to a space. When you incorporate tactile diversity in a room, your mind engages with the space in a more emotional way. That engagement subtly influences your mood to skew toward the sense of relaxed familiarity you have when you’re out in nature. Other means for adding texture include textiles, woodgrains, metal elements and glass décor.


When you see stone design elements included with your furniture and keepsakes, your mind and body pick up on the extra visual interest and translate it into a feeling of home. Interior design featuring stone veneer on interior walls, backsplashes or fireplaces cues our brains to think of coziness and warmth. This is especially true when the color palette is earthy and welcoming with tones of soft blues, browns and greens. If you love a monochromatic palette for its modern simplicity but find it a bit cold and austere, the natural texture of stone interior elements can soften the effect without disrupting the single-hue continuity.


The stone veneer interior options at Casa di Sassi are inspired by natural stone structures in England and Europe. We carefully craft our products to mimic Old World beauty and durability while being lightweight and user-friendly. Our meticulous craftsmanship and eye for detail bring a sense of the natural world into any space. If your idea of the perfect home environment is cozy, earthy and warm, our stone interior accents are the natural choice.

Applying grout to stone veneer


Whether your home interior design aspirations lean traditional and classic or modern and contemporary, you’ll find unique interior design inspiration at Casa di Sassi. From the kitchen to the den to the master suite, our stone veneer interior accents can help you create a pleasing atmosphere and cozy home environment.


Make your kitchen island pop by enveloping it in stone veneer. Interior profiles like Fieldstone or Old World add a rustic touch while Volterra in a crisp Niveo hue keeps it contemporary.


Pair your granite or marble countertops with an eye-catching stone veneer backsplash. Whether you prefer the rugged irregularity of Country Rubble or the symmetry of Brick, you can pull in a light or dark accent color to warm up any kitchen’s look.


Level up your living room or entryway with an opulent interior stone archway or stone veneer accent wall. Our Blends profile gives you five color options, so you can go subtle or stunning.



Whether you have an existing fireplace in the living room, or you’d like to add an electric model to warm up the master suite, using stone for interior fireplace accents is a fabulous choice. Ledgestone brings the drama in a dimensional surface that picks up firelight to cast intense shadows while Limestone creates more of a refined, classic look.


Carry your home aesthetic through to the guest bath by enhancing the vanity with stone veneer. Our lightweight veneers are suitable for application on most vanities, making them a great way to add elegance to even the smallest powder room.


Create an oasis of rejuvenation in the master suite by using stone veneer on interior walls around your freestanding tub. Kwik Stack in cool Niveo dovetails with an opulently clean, contemporary home aesthetic while soothing your senses with natural texture. Barnstone keeps it earthy and neutral with calming regular lines and understated hues.


Incorporating manufactured stone veneer in your home aesthetic fills your everyday life with natural beauty. Other benefits of stone veneer interior upgrades include increasing the ROI on your home remodel while saving big on the high-end look you crave. Contact Casa di Sassi today to get started creating a warm, welcoming, timeless home environment for your family.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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