A Guide To Stone Veneer Types For Interior Design Projects

Living room featuring stone veneer fireplace

Manufactured stone veneers can elevate any room of your home. From a rustic fireplace to a stunning kitchen backsplash to a luxurious accent wall behind a freestanding tub, the natural look of stone brings warmth and texture to both traditional and contemporary interior design.

But what is manufactured stone veneer? How many different stone veneer types are available? And, more importantly, which type of stone veneer will work best with your home’s layout and aesthetic?

The pros at Casa di Sassi have answers! Let’s dig into our tips for choosing manufactured stone types for houses of any size and style that need a little indoor TLC.


Through our innovative manufacturing process, we create stone veneer profiles that are inspired by nature to mimic real stones. The result is a collection of stone veneer types available in a variety of finishes to complement nearly any interior design. Here’s a primer on four of our most popular choices and a few ideas for stone veneer home projects that each is particularly suited to.

Brick Niveo


Product Characteristics

Regular and symmetrical patterns with a half-inch grout joint create a calming sense of visual order. Three profile colors let you go neutral, rustic or contemporary with a brick stone veneer.

Recommended Applications

Add traditional appeal to fireplaces, kitchen backsplashes and accent walls in common living areas. Level up a contemporary home with cool Niveo color stone veneer brick accents that bring textural depth to a sleek monochromatic theme.

Granite Stone Veneer driveway arch


Product Characteristics

Granite stones vary in height and width, adding greater drama to the consistent uniformity of brick. The classic look of granite adds a touch of rustic charm while remaining subtly symmetrical. The neutral tones of Luce color keep this choice timelessly elegant.

Recommended Applications

Elevate a transitional living room with a granite accent wall or spice up a traditional kitchen with granite surrounding the island. This is also a great choice for a lower-level bar or wine cellar, thanks to its roots in ancient architecture.

Ledgestone Monte Side of House


Product Characteristics

Level up the dramatic effect with the rough dimensional surface of Ledgestone. Varying heights and depths create contrasting shadows that provide endlessly intriguing visual interest. A choice of seven profile colors lets you go subtle or eye-catching with this versatile stone veneer type.

Recommended Applications

Stack up stunning visuals with Ledgestone stone veneer panels in dramatic Carbone color around a freestanding tub in the master bath. Warm up a contemporary white and gray kitchen with an accent wall in the Turin color that delivers several pleasing shades of gray.



Product Characteristics

Inspired by stones from the highlands of New England, this stone veneer type is ruggedly handsome. Irregular shapes and distinct textures come alive in three rich color choices for naturally beautiful stone veneer panels.

Recommended Applications

Enhance your home’s traditional appeal with a Fieldstone fireplace that climbs all the way to the ceiling. Warm up a contemporary interior with a Fieldstone accent wall displaying your flat-screen TV or adding depth and charm to the foyer.


Choosing the profile for home interior stone veneer projects is personal and subjective. And it’s definitely not something you want to do solely online. Lighting and editing can skew the color, and there’s simply no way to experience stone veneer texture on a digital device. Get a feel for manufactured stone veneer products in person by finding a reputable Casa di Sassi distributor near you. Whether you’re transforming a basement into usable recreational space or giving your main living areas a much-needed makeover, the professional installation of stone veneer accents is an easy, cost-effective way to increase ROI on a home improvement investment.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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