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Outdoor kitchen featuring Salerno Limestone

Curb Appeal is a Big Deal in Today’s Real Estate Market

When the time comes to sell your home, you’ll quickly discover that first impressions are everything. If your home has good curb appeal, it has a better chance of selling at top asking price in today’s high-demand real estate market. Curb appeal updates can significantly improve your home’s value and enhance its marketability. That means you can expect a solid exterior home improvement return on investment!

Real estate agents will tell you that spending money on exterior remodeling is a smart decision. But is top-quality stone veneer worth investing in for that home remodeling ROI? Current trends and data show that outdoor home projects deliver some of the best returns on investment. For example, garage door replacement and stone veneer installation both provide very high ROI – 95% or more in certain markets.

If you really want to impress potential buyers, you should consider replacing sections of siding with stone veneer accents. Buyers love the look of stone and appreciate its timeless style. And Casa di Sassi has beautifully crafted stone veneer profiles that closely resemble genuine stone.

Plus, our stone is easier to install for contractors, and it’s more budget friendly for you. On top of all those pluses, some of the most current home trends and most eye-catching home remodel ideas rely on stone veneer for its versatility and authentic look.

Read on for our experienced insight into how to add value to your home with Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer!

Backyard Updates Enhance Curb Appeal

Curb appeal obviously applies to the front of your house, as that’s what visitors typically see first when they arrive at your home. But many people don’t realize that curb appeal also includes outdoor spaces along the sides and back of your property. So, even though your front porch and entryway might look new and amazing, buyers will lose interest if the backyard appears outdated and neglected.

Luckily, our tips for transforming your home’s exterior with stone veneer extend beyond the facade to the backyard, deck and other outdoor living spaces. Upgrading these areas adds huge value to your home and virtually guarantees great ROI on home improvements. If you are adding stone veneer to the front of your home, thoughtful designers will recommend continuing the stonework to patio walls, backyard fences, outdoor kitchens, walkways and other areas where it coordinates well and makes sense. Placement matters, though, as stone veneer’s durability and climate conditions – like harsh wind, constant rain or salt exposure – must be considered.

Outdoor Kitchen

A fully functional outdoor kitchen is at the top of the wish list for many home buyers. Whether your current space has room for just a grill or can fit a full bar, pizza oven and more, all outdoor cooking and dining spaces benefit from a stone facelift. And if it’s done right, your home’s outdoor kitchen can be a major selling feature – which is why you should consider the benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers to make your project seamlessly gorgeous.

For an easy and affordable update, surround your grill and prep area with a customized stone facade. If you have an outdoor bar, a current trend is installing stone veneer on the front of the bar itself, or applying it to a back or side accent wall.

Stone patio using stone veneer

Stone Patio

Of all the backyard spaces that gain value from a stone upgrade, patios remain the most popular for many reasons. Today’s home buyers want ample space indoors, but also demand outdoor living areas like patios and decks that are spacious, cozy and stylish.

A patio with stone elements in its design pays tribute to Old World style and will look elegant and inviting for years to come. We cover our manufactured stone products with a 50-year warranty that transfers to your home’s next owners. That’s one more selling point for your home because it showcases how your stone veneer renovations are made to last, require minimal maintenance and can withstand extreme shifts in temperature.

Want to add an outdoor fireplace for year-round coziness in your backyard? Our stone veneer is the perfect material to make it both strikingly stylish and supremely safe because it’s highly resistant to heat.

Indoor Remodeling Tips

Once you’ve decided to enhance your home’s curb appeal with Casa di Sassi stone veneers and accessories – why stop there? The benefits of manufactured stone veneer inside your home bring even more home improvement return on investment!

From the kitchen backsplash to a freestanding tub surround in the master suite to an accent wall in the main living space, we’ve got lots of home remodel ideas that draw higher bids. And you’ll find the top three components of home remodeling ROI in Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer: texture, color and inspiration! Whether you’re looking to match the interior decor to your home’s architectural aesthetic or simply create a sense of timelessness in your home, you’re sure to see max ROI on home improvements like these.

Stone Veneer House Remodel Ideas

Real estate agents can confirm that a remodeled basement with functional living space is another top wish list item for a lot of home buyers. One idea for how to add value to your home is to install stone veneer accents on your lower level. Recreate the atmosphere of a cozy lodge with a stone accent wall that serves as the backdrop for your entertainment area or bar. Or create a sophisticated wine cellar with stone veneer on walls that also hold shelves for glassware, bottles and more. It will be well worth it once you put your home on the market and start seeing all that juicy home remodeling ROI.

Main floor living spaces also reap major rewards after seemingly simple stone updates. Go beyond the tired trend of a wallpaper accent wall and embrace easy textured wall ideas with manufactured stone veneer. Transforming a plain, ordinary wall into a stone conversation piece is a proven technique that attracts more potential home buyers – perfect for adding visual appeal and character to the living room, dining room or kitchen. Another timeless interior feature is creating an eye-catching fireplace surround with the addition of stone veneer. And all these simple, affordable ideas are sure to reap excellent return on investment to home improvement cost ratios!

Casa di Sassi Stone Veneers

Ready to start remodeling but concerned about return on investment for home improvements before you list? You can be assured that Casa di Sassi stone veneers will be worth the initial cost. And you can also rest easy about our products being readily available at trusted distributors across the nation, thanks to our newly expanded manufacturing capabilities!

Our high-quality stone products add significant value to your home – both indoors and out. When it comes to exterior curb appeal and ROI, almost nothing beats the installation of stone veneer. Smart home buyers recognize stone’s timeless appeal and seek it out when shopping for their next home. This is why savvy homeowners choose to include stone in their reno projects – and enjoy big home remodeling ROI.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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