Why You Should Buy Stone Veneer In Advance

A home exterior featuring stone veneer.

Elevating your home with manufactured stone veneer brings the latest design trends straight to your entryway, façade or outdoor living space. But before you buy, you’ve got some decisions to make.

Ordering stone veneer from an online company seems like a simple enough task. Most websites let you compare the cost of stone veneer vs natural stone vs brick, and you can easily look at the different styles, colors and configurations they offer. But you may still need some information that isn’t covered in the FAQ about manufactured stone veneer.

The pros at Casa di Sassi can help. We’ve been in this industry for nearly two decades, so we understand all the stone veneer options you need to sort through. From choosing your style to making your project unique to achieving a flawless installation, we’re here to guide you toward manufactured stone veneer details you’ll love for years.

Today, let’s walk through our reasons for why you should order in advance to make your home stone veneer project a seamless success.


Have you already started your online search for “veneer stone suppliers near me”? If so, you know that there are plenty of manufacturers and distributors to choose from.

As you try to narrow down how far in advance you should be ordering stone veneer products and supplies for your project, consider these important factors:


How close to your home are those stone veneer manufacturers that came up in your online search? Did you find possibilities to buy stone veneer in person at any retail locations in your neighborhood? Before you buy, make sure to check into delivery fees. Stone products tend to be bulky and heavy, so transporting them across many miles can quickly rack up a hefty price tag. Of course, one of the benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers is that getting all the materials and supplies to your property is their responsibility. You’ll need to discuss the project’s timeline (more on that in a moment), but installation pros know how to calculate how much stone veneer your project requires and how soon to order in advance to stay on schedule.


It may seem obvious, but going with an in-stock stone veneer option generally requires less lead time than ordering stone products that are custom made. It’s still a good idea to order in advance, though, because global supply chain issues can throw a wrench into the process. An unexpected backorder or shipping delay can put your entire project behind schedule by weeks or months. That’s why one of our best tips for ordering manufactured stone veneer is “don’t wait!”

Casa di Sassi Home construction phase


If you’re only adding a manufactured stone veneer accent wall or fireplace surround to your home, the timeline is probably pretty straightforward. But if you’re having an entire house built or managing multiple reno projects — like a full kitchen redo or a room addition — you’ve got a much more complicated schedule. Furthermore, the step-by-step process of building a stone veneer accent wall is quite involved and requires a lot of prep before installing the stone veneer. Options for when to order stone become tricky when you’re trying to get all the timing right. If there are any delivery delays, you risk having workers onsite who can’t do their jobs. Ordering stone as early as possible means it’ll be on hand at installation time.


Calculating the right amount of manufactured stone veneer for any project requires experience, precision and forethought. Much like laying a ceramic tile floor, pieces are cut and fitted onsite to make the whole project look seamlessly integrated into its surroundings. That means there will be some waste — which means if you only order stone enough to cover the exact square footage of your project, you will run out. And that translates into delays while you buy more stone veneer and wait for its delivery. When you order in advance, consider adding about 10 percent to your square footage calculations so you’ll have ample supplies to complete your project without holding up work for reorders.

Ordering stone in advance also allows you to explore additional details, like stone wall caps and fireplace mantel design, in complementing colors and textures that enhance the overall project.

Finised exterior house featuring Volterra Niveo stone veneer by Casa di Sassi.


Want to know how to buy stone veneer without regret? It all comes down to three things: planning, planning, and planning.

  1. Plan the look of your manufactured stone veneer details – Choose stone veneer profiles that complement your home’s aesthetic, whether it’s traditional, mid century modern, rustic or contemporary.
  2. Plan your budget wisely – Your dollars go a lot further on manufactured stone veneer than they do on other materials like ceramic brick or natural stone. Opting for stone products from a responsible manufacturer also makes the most of your investment.
  3. Plan to order well in advance – There’s no downside to ordering stone in advance, but late orders can cause delays and other frustrating complications.

The benefits of all this forethought include:

  • Cost savings by avoiding rush stone orders with high delivery fees after a project’s been started.
  • Seamless aesthetics on a project made from manufactured stone veneer that came from the same lot, rather than color or size variants from different batches that can make a project look cheap.
  • Peace of mind from knowing you’ve explored all the stone veneer options and ordered in advance so that your project can go smoothly.


Now that you know why it’s important to order in advance, you’re ready to buy stone veneer for your project. All Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneer profiles are made in the USA and ready to ship nationwide. Find a distributor in your hometown to buy stone veneer near you or contact us today for help locating Casa di Sassi products.

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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