Blend Stone Veneer Profile: A Versatile Choice

Looking for inspiration to take your reno dreams to the next level? Wondering how to blend stone veneer colors or textures for a look that’s uniquely your own? Searching for stone veneer interior or exterior project ideas that fit your budget but look seriously high-end?

You’re in the right place! Casa di Sassi’s Blend profile brings extreme versatility to the table – or the backsplash, accent wall, tub surround, fireplace or entryway!

Discover the details that make Blend stone veneer an excellent choice for your next design upgrade. Let’s dig into the ways this manufactured stone veneer profile can elevate your upcoming project with timeless style, extensive color options and nearly endless installation possibilities.

Benefits of Choosing Blend Manufactured Stone Veneer

The latest stone veneer trends for homes focus on three main ideas: texture, natural elements and blended styles. Lucky for you, the Casa di Sassi Blend profile has qualities that elevate all those #designgoals!

First, it’s overflowing with rough texture on stones of varying shapes and sizes. That means you get tempting tactile enjoyment with visual appeal! Next, our manufactured stone veneers are carefully handcrafted to mimic rocks and boulders found in nature. Adding Blend stone veneer to interior spaces brings in a feeling of the great outdoors – and using it to enhance outdoor living areas creates a seamless transition from one activity to the next.

Finally, it’s right there in the name. This choice of stone veneer blends a range of hues and textures for an artisanal impression. It plays well with nearly any color scheme, from neutrals to black and white to vibrant and trendy shades of blue, brown and peach. Plus, it’s a great match for mixing it up with other materials, like ceramic tiles or reclaimed wood.

In short, Blend stone veneer adds versatility and sophisticated style to other benefits of using manufactured stone veneer in your home – like a lightweight design that allows you to install it virtually anywhere!

Stylish Blend Stone Veneer Interior Design Ideas

Not sure where to get the most impact from adding Blend stone veneer to your interior design? Often, the best place to start is by choosing stone veneer colors that dovetail with your overall home improvement plan. This profile is available in six – six! – color choices, so let’s look at how each one can elevate a different type of home aesthetic.


Warm neutrals always seem to top the interior design trend lists – but what does that really mean? Basically, neutral tones create a backdrop against which brighter or bolder colors can shine. Warm neutrals bring out a golden glow – think beige, tan and gold – while cool neutrals lean more toward gray and ivory. Anchor your warm neutral palette with Blend stone veneer keeping your fireplace modern, then layer in other cozy tones on your furniture.


Feeling like the stone backsplash trend just isn’t for you? We’ve got unique and creative stone veneer ideas for you that showcase the creamy simplicity of Bianco Blend. Turn those tired trends upside down by installing Bianco Blend on your kitchen island! Whether you cover all four sides or mix it up with stone veneer on the outward-facing side and an accent color painted on the other three, you’ll have an eye-catching centerpiece to spark conversations at every dinner party.


Looking for man cave decor ideas that are decidedly masculine – but don’t veer too wildly away from the rest of your home’s interior design? Bolzano Blend can do that. It’ll make any space feel more like an actual cave with deep, woodsy tones and rustic texture. Plus, it looks great on a freestanding bar, a fireplace or an accent wall, especially when paired with neon beer signs and (totally grownup) action figures.


Cremona Blend stone veneer plays it cool with gray-based neutral tones that let the texture take the spotlight. Use this stone veneer to create a sense of calm and equilibrium. Whether that’s surrounding a freestanding soaker tub in the master bath or greeting guests in the foyer, you’ll love how this manufactured stone veneer seamlessly blends texture, color and inspiration!


If your goal is to make your home more modern with manufactured stone veneer, Polare Blend is the perfect choice. A combination of black, white and gray tones give it a contemporary look, but its rugged texture keeps it from feeling sterile. Try it in the guest bath with crisp white walls, white countertops and retro-chic black-and-white flooring. A mid-century modern light fixture in polished nickel and some vibrantly colorful artwork finish the sophisticated effect.


One of the easiest and most impactful interior uses of stone veneer is on an accent wall. And we can’t think of a place where an accent wall elevates your home’s design better than in the lower level. Transform that basement into a game room, workout room or home office with Terracina Blend gracing an entire wall. Its golden neutral tones offer a refreshing sense of lightness without feeling heavy or overwhelming. And if you opt to use it on the wall in the stairwell, you’ll get a sexy speakeasy vibe as you descend!

Popular Blend Exterior Stone Veneer Applications

Using manufactured stone veneer for exterior projects is a great way to amp up curb appeal and elevate alfresco entertaining. Just remember that your area’s climate and stone veneer’s durability might clash – so the details of proper installation are crucial!

Here are some great ideas to add our stone veneer Blend profile to your outdoor spaces:

House Facade Facelift

Want to change the way your home looks from the street without extensive renovations? Give your facade a facelift with Polare Blend. There are stone veneer types for every house aesthetic, from Victorian manse to midwestern ranch to rustic farmhouse – but Polare Blend hits the sweet spot for the timelessly traditional look of American architecture. Whether you pair it with white board and batten siding or rough-hewn reclaimed beams, it’ll look as fresh in 10 years as it does today!

Customized Chimney

A chimney makes any house look cozier. But a cracked or damaged chimney is unsightly, can be costly to repair – and might be dangerous for your family. One solution is to customize the look of your chimney with Blend stone veneer in a color that complements the rest of your home’s exterior. You’ll definitely want to reap the benefits of hiring professional stone veneer installers for this project. They’ll be able to do your decorative manufactured stone veneer installation safely, quickly and with the most beautiful results.

Outdoor Fireplace Upgrade

Love cozying up by your outdoor fire feature on a cool evening – but not crazy about how it looks? Elevate your year-round coziness with outdoor fireplace ideas that focus on Blend stone veneer! Go for Belzano Blend to add deep, rugged drama to your outdoor living space. Or choose Cremona Blend for a softer take on the natural look. Either way, you can embellish gas, electric and wood-burning fireplaces in covered areas with this exterior stone veneer treatment.

More Creative Stone Veneer Uses

Take your big ideas outside with Casa di Sassi Bella Blend! This profile choice perfectly complements greenery with its subtle variations of color and texture, so it’s a natural for covering retaining walls or garden pillars. You can even recreate Italian architecture with stone veneer by using Bella Blend on an archway over your driveway, between your house and garage, or alongside a pathway leading to your backyard. Bellissimo!

Achieve More with Casa di Sassi Blend Stone Veneer

Inspired to take your design dreams to the next level with Blend stone veneer? Check out our gallery for even more interior and exterior stone veneer inspiration! It’s easy to find where to buy Casa di Sassi nearby because we’ve developed a trusted network of national distributors – who are also knowledgeable about professional manufactured stone veneer installation. Achieve your biggest design dreams yet with Casa di Sassi and Blend stone veneer!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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