EZ Ledge Stone Veneer: Mid-Century Magic!

Casa Di Sassi EZLedge Fireplace

Looking for that special something to take your interior design from so-so to sophisticated? Love the timeless look of mid-century modern decor – but not sure how to pair it with your traditional or contemporary furnishings? Worried that your budget won’t cover your vision of soaring Insta-worthy stone home accents?

You need to meet Casa di Sassi’s EZ Ledge!

This eye-catching and versatile profile brings a world of possibilities to your home or business’s interior and exterior spaces – and stretches your reno dollars further than you imagined, thanks to the incredible manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage over natural stones and kilned bricks. And the stone-cold pros at Casa di Sassi have lots of unique and creative stone veneer ideas for achieving your home improvement goals.

Let’s dig into the details of EZ Ledge stone veneer, including its timeless look, elegant feel and nearly endless prospects for elevating and enhancing your home or business.

Why Choose EZ Ledge for Stone Veneer Interior Upgrades?

EZ Ledge stone veneer earns its name with easy-to-install dimensions that quickly create sweet symmetry without the sweat equity. Plus its lighter weight allows you to dream big, as in letting that fireplace surround sweep all the way to the ceiling or covering all the walls in your master bath for an at-home spa feel.

You won’t see any mortar between the stones of our EZ Ledge profile, which is what we call a dry-stack stone veneer. This design gives it a clean look that evokes the mid-century era while still feeling contemporary. And the chiseled face clefts and multiple stone sizes give it fabulous texture and stunning visual appeal.

To decide where and how to use EZ Ledge in your home or commercial space, start by choosing stone veneer colors that complement your overall interior design. We love all four color choices for EZ Ledge, so let’s see how each one offers distinct interior stone veneer benefits.


This creamy, dreamy off-white color brings a breath of fresh air to kitchens and bathrooms. It’s a great alternative to subway tiles for an eye-catching stone veneer backsplash idea. Pair Niveo EZ Ledge with neutral-colored marble or quartz countertops and a trendy color on cupboards, like charcoal or chocolate brown, for a sophisticated yet welcoming look.


The three main components of today’s interior design trends abound in EZ Ledge stone veneer: color, texture and inspiration! And Matera EZ Ledge delivers the warm neutral tones that make any space feel welcoming and cozy. Use it on an accent wall between rooms to bridge competing design styles, like a living room that’s on the traditional side and a more contemporary-looking kitchen.


Gola EZ Ledge delivers the drama with a stylish mix of deep charcoal, rich browns and sumptuous beige. This dry-stack stone veneer is the perfect choice for keeping your fireplace modern without resorting to the tired fad of painting it. Gola EZ Ledge stone veneer makes a traditional room look more modern and a contemporary space feel cozier.


An accent wall is an easy upgrade for your foyer, den, living room or master suite. But a textured accent wall covered in Cremona EZ Ledge stone veneer takes it to another level of luxury. It’s got just the right balance of cool and warm tones to complement nearly any color scheme, from nicely neutral to boldly vibrant. Try it as an alternative to paneled wainscoting, paired with a trendy shade of light blue paint on upper walls and layers of cozy textiles to achieve a soothing yet sophisticated ambiance.

Exterior Stone Veneer Ideas for the EZ Ledge Profile

Want to amp up your home’s curb appeal or elevate your alfresco living spaces? EZ Ledge is a star player in our stone veneer design ideas for your home’s exterior spaces! That’s because this timeless profile complements any style of house and fits with any lifestyle. Check out these cool exterior uses for EZ Ledge stone veneer.

Faux Exterior Walls

Welcome a fresh perspective with Niveo EZ Ledge veneer adorning your home’s entryway. Whether you cover the entire facade for a modern take on the lingering popularity of all-white houses – or you pair it with contrasting board and batten or cedar shingles – you’ll enjoy eye-catching curb appeal.

Pillars and Landscaping

The warm and earthy tones in Matera EZ Ledge and Cremona EZ Ledge make them a natural for embellishing retaining walls and landscape features. Whether it’s a low wall next to your patio or a set of soaring pillars alongside your driveway, be sure to take advantage of the benefits of manufactured stone accessories – like stone wall caps that protect your investment from water damage.

More Creative Exterior Stone Veneer Uses

Take alfresco entertaining and relaxation to the next level with a stone veneer-clad outdoor fireplace! We like Gola EZ Ledge for this kind of project because its color variations bring to mind one of our favorite outdoor combos: woodsmoke and smores!

Achieve the Look You Want with EZ Ledge Stone Veneer

Feeling inspired to add EZ Ledge stone veneer to your vision of a warm, welcoming and sophisticated home or business environment? Whatever your design goals are, our EZ Ledge profile levels them up with sumptuous texture and an array of color options. Find a distributor in your neighborhood who’s knowledgeable and experienced with Casa di Sassi manufactured stone veneers – or reach out to us for insight and resources that will help achieve all your #designgoals!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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