Exterior Stone Ideas That Rock: Tips for Transforming Your Home’s Look

Cremona EZ Ledge

Looking to spiff up your home’s appearance with unique exterior stone ideas? Not sure which types of stone veneer match your home’s exterior aesthetic? Wondering when to start planning your exterior stone veneer project?

You’re in the right place! The time to get started narrowing down your stone choices for home improvement projects is now – and the stone-cold experts at Casa di Sassi have great advice for selecting the best stone for any house exterior.

Whether you’re dreaming of a clean and modern white stone exterior, an eye-catching mid-century facade or the rugged and cozy look of a cottage, our stone veneer profiles deliver authenticity, durability and nearly endless installation possibilities.

Read on to discover the perfect Casa di Sassi stone veneer profile for making your home’s first impression the best it can be!

Why Casa di Sassi Stone Veneer Wins Over Other Materials

The advantages of integrating stone veneer into your home’s exterior aesthetic go beyond superficial good looks. We know you want a beautiful house – but you also want an exterior treatment that will stay gorgeous and stress-free for the long haul. Plus, you’ve likely got a budget to consider. Casa di Sassi stone veneers quickly rise to the top of the list of the best stone for house exterior upgrades thanks to:

  • Greater Versatility – The lighter weight and simpler installation methods versus natural stone or brick open a whole world of possibilities! So long as you understand where to install stone veneer and where to avoid it, you’re limited only by your imagination.
  • Lower Cost – Natural stones and kilned bricks are super heavy, requiring higher shipping and installation fees that really add up. But the manufactured stone veneer pricing advantage means your reno dollars can stretch much further than you might have guessed!
  • Higher Return on Investment – A modern white stone exterior or timelessly rugged stone veneer facade adds serious curb appeal to your home – which can really increase the ROI on home remodels when it comes time to list your property.
  • Excellent Durability – Casa di Sassi stone veneers come with a 50-year transferable warranty against blistering, peeling, flaking, delaminating and excessive cracking. That’s some deep peace of mind for both your family and future owners of your home.
  • Top Quality, Made in the USA – Casa di Sassi has been handcrafting stone veneers in Ohio’s heartland since 2005. Those years of experience and dedication to American-made products set our products apart from what you’ll find on big-box store shelves.

The Best Stone Choices For a Home’s First Impression

What kind of vibe do you want your house to radiate? From timelessly elegant to crisply contemporary to rustically cozy, we offer you a wide range of types of stone for home exterior transformations.

Here are 5 of our most popular stone veneer choices for homes with distinct styles:


White and off-white houses have enjoyed top placement among potential buyers for years. But recent trends also cite mixed materials as an attractive facade treatment. Achieve the ultimate balance of these ideas with our Volterra stone veneer profile. The creamy hue of Niveo Volterra is both crisp and welcoming, creating a modern white stone exterior with just enough texture for visual interest. Pair it with board and batten siding in a similar shade and deep navy or charcoal trim for a contemporary feel that has staying power.

EZ Ledge Niveo - Detail Image

EZ Ledge

Mid-century modern design is the epitome of timeless style. It’s remained popular since the 1950s, thanks to its use of organic materials, simple geometric shapes and versatile color palettes. If you’re looking to give your ranch or split-level house a thoughtful mid-century upgrade, our EZ Ledge stone veneer profile is an excellent choice. The dry-stack look – aka no visible mortar between stones – is clean, symmetrical and simple while rugged face clefts offer the drama of changing shadows. Choose from four colorways to suit your aesthetic: Niveo EZ Ledge looks fresh and fabulous paired with bold trim colors. Matera EZ Ledge delivers warm neutrality that’s never boring. Gola EZ Ledge brings serious drama to exposed wood beams and other rustic elements. Cremona EZ Ledge balances warm and cool neutral tones for a soft yet sophisticated effect.

a home exterior featuring Casa di Sassi's Terracina Blend.


Are you having trouble deciding on just one color for your home exterior? Is your sense of style too broad to limit to any one trend or design idea? Our Blend stone veneer profile is the versatile option that could be the best stone for your house exterior inspiration! You’ve got six – six! – colorways to consider that range from warm and cool neutrals to a modern take on a black-and-white classic. Plus, a variety of stone shapes, sizes and textures deliver visual interest for days. Pair this beauty with anything from cedar shingles to vertical siding to create eye-catching character.

Country Rubble

Don’t be fooled by the name – our Country Rubble stone veneer profile has been meticulously handcrafted to evoke the stately presence of century homes our Founding Fathers might have lived in. Choose this type of stone for home exterior projects intended to elevate and enhance the timeless look of a modest American mansion. Our fave exterior stone ideas for Country Rubble include covering the entire facade of a two-story house for a classic colonial effect – paired with shutters and a front door painted deep navy – and highlighting steeply pitched roofs with this stone veneer around the entryway and on the dormer facings. Bonus points for continuing the Country Rubble look on your garage!


For a boldly rugged take on today’s mixed materials trends, our Fieldstone veneer profile sits atop stone choices for home exterior reimaginings. The rich, earthy tones in both Legno and Gola colorways offer the authenticity you need to complement wild landscaping and a country-in-the-city feel. Transform your ranch or bungalow into a cozy cottage with this rustic type of stone on your home’s exterior. Then complete the look by planting rhododendrons and other lush perennials around your stoop and painting the front door a sweet color picked from the blooms.

Ideal Locations for Stone Veneer

A major consideration for exterior stone projects is when to plan, order and install yours. It’s always best to start planning early, get on the professional installer’s schedule before it fills up, and order more than enough stone veneer to cover the unexpected.

It’s also important to remember the differences between stone masonry and stone veneer installation – because our stone veneers are decorative and must be installed over a weight-bearing wall or structure.

Ideal exterior stone ideas include:

Accent Walls

Whether they’re low walls connecting your house and garage or full walls surrounding your deck, outdoor accent walls add eye-catching style to your home’s exterior. Make sure they’re not in constant contact with water or deicing chemicals, and be smart by including manufactured stone accessories like wall caps and keystones for a finished, professional look.

Turin Volterra Accent wall on the exterior of a modern farmhouse style home.

Lower Level Stone Siding

Not interested in covering your entire house with stone veneer? No problem! The latest home trends continue to include mixed materials, like lower-level exterior stone siding paired with cedar shingles and exposed wood beams. Complete the look with one unifying color on doors, shutters and trim.

Dramatic Entryways

Welcome friends and family in a big way by creating a dramatic entryway to your home with stone veneer. The best types of stone for home exterior drama are as bold as the Roman Empire history of stone veneer – like rugged Gola Fieldstone or stately Polare Blend. These choices make a big statement while helping your home stand out from your neighbors.

A home exterior featuring Casa di Sassi's Niveo Volterra

Striking Stone Siding

Does your house already have a strong architectural aesthetic? Whether it’s a Victorian mansion, a mid-century bungalow, a contemporary two-story or a rustic farmhouse, stone veneer siding can give it a striking edge. Our profiles include stone veneer types for every home exterior aesthetic, so choose the one that appeals most to your visual and tactile senses! Keep accent and trim colors close to the palette of the stone profile you choose to ensure a modern, cohesive effect.

It’s easy to find a Casa di Sassi distributor in your neighborhood – but contact us if you need help getting your project started!

As we look to the future, we continually seek to innovate and grow. From pushing the limits on our creativity to developing new stone profile designs – to increasing the efficiency of our manufacturing processes – our team is dedicated to being a valuable stone veneer partner.

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